Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May Reading List

May is here!  Did I meet my April Goals?
-Buy copies of Crossroads Check:)
-Add words to Ghost Story (finished it!  Total WC:  7989!) and Heart Song (nope)
-Do well at Vendor Fair on the 15th  Bleh....it was a bust.
-Do well at Author's Fair on the 29th  Storms....only sold 1
-Make another payment to cover artist(s) Not yet...
-Lose 5 lbs Almost; lost 3!
-Finish cleaning up yard 75%!
-Start clearing out junk in green house  Don't have keys yet...
-Hang pictures/pretties  Had to pay IRS $900, so this is tabled until May...
-Have a good Easter  Check:)

Books Read:  8
           Print:  3
       E-book:  5

Songs Added To Karaoke Good List:  15
                                                   Thurs:  3
                                                       Sat:  12

On Memory, I did fine until the break....then when I came back in, I was in the wrong key for a line or two!  Oops....

The Author's Fair this year apparently pissed off Mother Nature; there were storms, tornadoes, and 6 inches of rain fell in the span of maybe 6-8 hours?  At any rate, both I-64 and US 41 were shut down with flooded areas in the afternoon.  Thankfully by 5pm, the water had receded and we were able to get home w/o any problems.

May Goals:
-Add words to Heart Song
-Edit Ghost Story and find a title!
-Lose 5 lbs  Check:)  Lost 7 (I THINK!)
-Make payment to cover artist  Check:)  One more payment to go....
-Do well at Birds of a Feather  Sold 3:)
-Have a successful B&N signing  Collectively, we sold 20:)
-Finish cleaning yard (nearly done!) and start emptying storage unit
-Enjoy the Indy 500  Check:)  Takuma Sato won!!!
-Hang pretties/pictures/shelving
-Get hair redyed

May Reading Schedule:
The Liar-Nora Roberts  DRR!  Loved this!
Blinded By Blood-George Kramer  LOVED this!  If you don't mind graphic description, pick this up!

The Boss Too-Lexy Timm  Enjoyable
Who's The Boss Now-LT  The angst was finally too much, and I ended up skimming the last few chapters.
Love Life-LT  Finally finished it!  Wanted to smack Blake.  Too drawn out.
Unwilling-K.D. Wood  Bleh.  Too tedious.  Finally skimmed the last twelve chapters, just to get through it.
Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus:  The Beginning-Lydia Sherrer Definitely interesting, but not really my fave genre to read.  Really didn't hold my interest past the 1st story.
Dan Alexander, Pitcher-Jean Joachim  Absolutely LOVED this!  Thought more was going to happen at the end, but it all turned out to be 'on the level'.  DRR!

Karaoke Songs:
What About Love-Heart  Did well, even though I couldn't hit the high note....
Just Between You and Me-Lou Graham  Nailed it:)
What Becomes of the Brokenhearted-Jimmy Ruffin  Think it was okay....
What Have You Done For Me Lately-Janet Jackson  Did well:)
Last Name-Carrie Underwood  Think I nailed it:)
What I've Done-Linkin Park  DNH
What Kind Of Fool-Barbara Streisand/Barry Gibb  Nailed it:)
Lead Me On-Amy Grant Did well:)
What Do You Say-Reba McEntire Bleh.....

Midnight Blue-Melissa Manchester  Did well:)
Midnight Blue-Lou Gramm  DNH
Miles To Go-Celine Dion  DNH
John Waite-Missing You  Nailed it:)
Missionary Man-Eurythmics  Nailed it:)
Misunderstanding-Genesis  Did fairly well:)
Million Reasons-Lady Gaga  Nailed it:)
The Sweetest Thing-Juice Newton  Nailed it:)
Miracle-Jon Bon Jovi  Nailed it:)
Modern Day Delilah-Van Stephenson  DNH
Money Changes Everything-Cyndi Lauper  Not too awful...
More Than I Can Say-Leo Sayer  Nailed it:)

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