Friday, May 26, 2017

Flashback Friday: Catching up 2007

The kids and I took off for Morgan County, in order to rendezvous with my dad at friends Ray, Jan, and Michael M's house.  Only our van had different ideas.

I noticed issues just as we drew closer to Martinsville, and made the decision to stop at my friend Sara's house.  But the van died just as we turned into their lane.....and then Sara and her family weren't home.  One of her neighbors drove us to the rendezvous point, and fortunately, my dad was there.  He drove us to D's job site, where we explained the problem, and D said he'd look at it after work.  Dad then drove me up to Fishers, dropped me off, then took the kids to Lafayette.

I hurriedly checked into my room, changed clothes, and took a deep breath.  I went back downstairs and spent the next several hours talking with other writers, editors, and hobnobbing with Dick Wolfsie.  Later that evening, D showed up and told me the van was going to be a $12 fix; he'd left his truck at Ray's, and would simply spend the weekend with me.

On Sat, he went back to work, and I attended my conference.  Afterward, I walked across the street to Applebee's, where I reconnected with an old friend, EKC, from my 1st year of college, and her son.  I gave her a copy of LIS, and apologized for anything 'too personal'.  Later that evening, friends KC, GFW, and NC arrived.  G asked the others to go get something out of the car and the door hadn't hardly closed when G whispered, "I think they're gay!"

"Really?  I was going to ask you the same thing, but wait until they at least reached the elevator!"

We shared our suspicions, but dropped the subject when they returned.  D arrived around ten, and the party broke up.

The next day, he and I surprised our friends by attending church, then drove home.  My parents arrived later that day with the kids.

At the Indy 500, Peyton Manning waved the green flag, and I was able to get several pictures of him:)  It was also the 1st race I'd attended with a rain delay that resulted in continuing the race, which Dario Franchiti won under yellow.

The older kids did well in school, with K passing 9th grade and S the 6th.

Next Month:  Beginning To Promote Myself!

Present Day:
I'll be setting up tomorrow at the Opening Day of our Farmer's Market, then heading on up to Lafayette for the race:)

Have a safe and happy Memorial Weekend!

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