Friday, April 6, 2018

Flashback Friday: 1st 'Recital'

April 1978:
I'm not sure if it was after a PTA meeting, practice for Girl Scout Fly Ups, or what, but our music teacher, Ms Gramza, overheard me picking out It's A Small World on the piano.  Since several of us were taking lessons, she decided to have an inpromptu 'recital' during class one day.

I agonized over what to play.  I hadn't yet mastered IASW, and could only play Amazing Grace on the black keys, so I decided to play my favorite song out of the back of my 1st piano book.  Since it was short, I improvised, and played it twice.  But I was still jealous of the fact my friend K was playing a classical piece.  It helped that others on guitar, trumpet, and flute were also playing pieces from a Beginning Book!

Friend Pam F had her appendix out.

During scouts, we needed two flag bearers for the opening ceremony for the Fly Ups.  I'd previously been part of the color guard, the one who screwed the pole into the base.  All the 6th grade girls' names were put into a hat, and Tracy and I were chosen, both the leaders' daughters!  Eight of us were also chosen to sing On My Honor.

Our Spring Frolic arrived; our two sixth grade rooms were turned into a disco.  My parents operated the Book Nook, and I loved sorting the donated books and setting aside the ones I wanted.  My sister and I wore jumpsuits; hers was red and mine was green, both worn with white turtlenecks.  We thought we looked awesome, and even worked up the nerve to dance to a few Saturday Night Fever songs!

Next Month:  6th Grade Graduation

Present Day:
4th week of 'vacation'!  Weather is still cold, and even had snow flurries.  Mom and I have been shopping, and I've taken her to two appointments this week.

Going to stay in town this weekend, since karaoke is tomorrow night at the Outpost.  Planning to sing a few songs to commemorate the events of April 7, 1985.

In other news, this awesome lady turned 99 years young yesterday!!!

Mrs. Kazuko Sato, the Japanese lady whom my father chauffeurs around town.

Have a great weekend!!

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