Friday, March 30, 2018

Flashback Friday

Need to catch up a little here; I've been a bad blogger.

Feb 2008:
Swapped hair color with my daughter:)  She wanted her hair dyed black; we compromised with brown.  I got highlights, and was thrilled to be back to blonde again!

I also started the tradition of 'Totally Tasteless Limricks', anytime an online author friend had a new release.  Did anyone reciprocate?  No.  Sigh.....

I was sick on Valentine's Day, so was happy to eat soup at the Dogwood Restaurant, owned by Amish, who have wonderful potato soup, salad bar, bread and butter, and desserts:)  Occasionally, there will even be chicken and noodles on the buffet:)

My daughter also got into an altercation with her supposed BFF, and nearly got herself suspended.  Thankfully, the truth came to light, and she ended up with only a detention.

I decided to promote my 2nd book, and set up three signings in April:)

March 2008:
Had my 1st official book signing at B&N in Evansville, and was introduced to Ms BB Walters (now BC Brown), who, as it turned out, grew up in my adopted town.  We clicked instantly, and I got to meet several members of her family.  We promised to keep in touch, and now, ten years later, she's still one of my best friends:)

Next Month:  Easter, and two more book signings!

Present Day:
Week #3 with the parents!  Spent last weekend at home, since we had an appointment for the Teen, but Dad declared himself able to drive on Thursday.  He's still restricted from lifting greater than 10 lbs until after April 11th.

I'm heading home tomorrow, since Easter falls on Sunday, April 1st.  This has been a weird Lent season, with Ash Wednesday falling on Valentine's Day, and Easter and April Fools' Day being the same.

Friday:  Christ has died....
Three days later.....April Fool!
Yeah, that's a little irreverent, but come's also funny!

After the ice and snow Lafayetter/Indianapolis got last weekend, temps have been back in the 50s.  Ariel (and Phoenix, if boy) and Jaevon return home Sunday.  Alex has really enjoyed having Ariel around for two weeks:)

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