Friday, April 27, 2018

Flashback Friday: Catching Up

I've been a bad blogger this month, with helping the parents, a book signing, a conference, and the nice weather!  This week we managed to empty the side room of our brown house, scrape up the decaying carpet, and start unloading our storage unit.  So far, we've hauled 4 truckloads of boxes, full of memories.  I've only glanced through a few; I'll get around to actually emptying them on the rainy days, or when we're finished, or just whenever I decide IT'S TIME.

So with that, here's my Flashback Catch Up.

April 1988:
I went down to spend the weekend with DB, and got sick.  Ended up scaring my parents and EY, since they didn't know where I was.  When I got home, the riot act was read; apparently during Spring Break, I'd spent so much time on the phone, I'd racked up a $500 phone bill, which my father expected me to repay.

I'd applied for a job at the Anderson Country Club, and they finally called me in for an interview, and hired me.  For the most part, I enjoyed it; at first, I only worked banquets, and was able to meet Johnny Parsons Jr at the first one.  Two days later, I trained in the Porch area, our Casual Dining, and got to meet the golfers, whom I'd get to know by their drinks, much later that year.  Still, it was a paycheck, and I sent home money every week, to start chipping away at that phone bill.

Decided to attend both summer sessions, so I could graduate the following year.  Since DB lived in Anderson, this meant I'd get to see him whenever I wasn't in school or working.

K received a flyer to play Little League baseball, so we signed him up:)  Practice would start the next month.  Tax refund arrived.

Baseball practice began, and it was a cold, rainy month whenever our practices were scheduled.  Met more people from the town of Eminence, and got to know CO and her hubby better.

Enjoyed my signings at VU and Purdue, and was even able to spend two hours with T, who was seeing a girl from E'ville.  She texted him while I was there, and I joked about letting him know his 'call girl' had arrived.  With a smile, he tapped his phone and put it away. 

"That ought to keep her quiet for a while."

He refused to tell me what he typed!  But we had a good visit, catching up and reminiscing before I had to get home.

Next Month:  (88) Finals; (98) Baseball games begin and Kdgn 'graduation'; (08) Waiting For The Phone Call

Present Day:
As I stated above, I'm hard at work on cleaning out our storage unit and getting rid of things I've not needed for 11 years.

Also, Books 1-6 of Arbor U are now in PRINT!!!!  Whoo hoo!  Showed them off at the Independent Author's Fair two weeks ago.

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