Thursday, May 3, 2018

May Goals

Is it just me, or did April seem to drag?  Anyway, how did I do on my goals last month?  Eh, pretty bad.....
Write Ch. 6 of Heart Song Nope; didn't even open it
Lose 5 pounds (242...I'm going the wrong way!) Lost one pound, so yay me!  This after packing on 5 more, so mission SORT of accomplished, ha ha!
Watch SE7 Game of Thrones  Tried; disc wouldn't load.
Watch SE2 Stranger Things on NetFlix Watched Ep 2.
Convince family to pay for 2019 trip to Washington DC (need to sign up by end of month) Child decided 'no'.  Damn it.....
Buy inventory of Arbor U 1-6  Proof copies, check:)
Good sales at Kentucky Author's Fair  Sold 4:)
Good sales at Dale signing  Sold 1:)
Finish cleaning out magazines and back room of brown house Temporarily halted while we empty our storage unit.  DID finally haul 3 boxes of mags to the recycle place!
Finish cleaning out green house Nope
Dispose of junked appliances Nope
Contact Helping His Hands or Habitat Restore about doors/windows/carpet HHH, check:)

Health:  Finally went to Orthopedic Dr about pain in my right thigh and back.  Diagnosis:  Possible bursitis and pinched nerve.  MRI was scheduled then cancelled, due to insurance only paying for MRI if I'd been injured in an accident.  Guess standing for 9 hours didn't qualify.  Hoping one week of steroids helps the hip.  At least I can still function....pain is more of a nuisance anyway.

Books Read: 10 
            Print:  7
        E-book:  3
             DNF:  2, but moved farther down the pile to try again.

Karaoke Songs Added:  8  (had a couple re-sings and was only home the 2nd half of month)
                            Thurs:  2
                                Sat:  6

May Goals:
-Put food in house and try riced cauliflower Riced cauliflower is GOOD!  Mashed, bleh.
-Enjoy anniversary and Mother's Day Anniversary...check:)
-Set up at 1st Friday  Check:)  Sold 8!
-Empty storage unit, putting $80 back in budget  5/11:  Nearly done!  5/15:  Check:)  All done!
-Lose 5 pounds (5/4:  241)  5/12:  238!  5/25:  241, ugh.
-Dispose of junked appliances
-Continue getting rid of mags in Brown house
-Find 'home' for sinks, windows, and doors in both Green and Brown houses
-Get Green House On City List For Demolition!!!
-Begin buying AU inventory  Ordered one copy of each....
-Start Ch. 6 of Heart Song
-Continue work on new short story swirling around in head  Check:)  5/15:  Added 2202 words:)
-Watch SE 2 Stranger Things  Check:)  Now for 'Beyond Stranger Things'!
-Do well at Farmer's Market  Sold 6:)
-Enjoy Indy 500  Check:)  Will Power won, with Ed Carpenter in 2nd:)
-Survive the month with various kids' activities/appointments  Check:)

May Reading Schedule:
Born Into Trouble-Maralisa DeMora  Found this tedious.  I get it; addicts relapse.  But every other chapter?
Drifting Sands-C.J. Baty  Is it bad when you know who the killer is by Chapter 5?  Skimmed to the end.
Rebirth-Amy Brock McNew DNF.  Just wasn't holding my attention.
Loving Marie- L.A. Remenicky Cute short!
Rebound Baby, Too-Tobi Doyle Enjoyable:)
Rebound Babies-Tobi Doyle/Rebecca Barray  Really loved Mel and Mike's relationship!
Leaving Time-Jodi Picoult  LOVED this!  Did NOT see that twist coming:)  DRR

The Cradle Maker-Sandra Sookoo Enjoyed this:)
Cowboy Dreamin'-Sandy Sullivan
     -Make Mine A Cowboy  Very enjoyable!
     -Healing A Cowboy's Heart  Very good!

Karaoke Songs:
Whole Lotta Trouble-Stevie Nicks DNH
Modern Girl-Sheena Easton Slightly screechy in places, but not too bad.
Angel Of The Morning-Juice Newton Something weird was going on with my voice, but nailed it.
Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On-Jerry Lee Lewis Bleh...
Nasty-Janet Jackson  Bleh....only part I got right was at the end!  'Who's that thinkin' nasty thoughts?'

Who'll Stop The Rain-CCR I thought it sounded crackly, but Peppers said it was good; will see what the vid says!
Amazed-Lonestar  Same thing; thought it sounded crackly.
Who's Crying Now-Journey Nailed it!

Photograph-Ed Sheeran Warbled my way through it....
Piano Man-Billy Joel  Little low at the beginning, but the rest went well:)
Picture-Kid Rock/Sheryl Crowe  Sang this with Chewie; we nailed it!
Pilot of the Airwaves-Charlie Dore  SO happy Mark had this!  Love it, and did well:)
Pinball Wizard-The Who  Fairly good:)
Pink Cadillac-Bruce Springsteen  Was told it was good:)
Pink Houses-John Cougar Did well:)
Play That Funky Music-Wild Cherry Proved to be the most enjoyable song of the night!
Play Me-Neil Diamond Thought it was too low, but others liked it, so will re-sing and record:)
Play The Game Tonight-Kansas  Did very well!  Will re-sing and record:)
Please Come To Boston-David Loggins  Ugh....waaaay too low.

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