Friday, May 25, 2018

Flashback Friday: A Month Of Issues

May 2008:
The month really had its ups and downs.

Car Issues:
I had convinced an online friend to set up with me in Ft. Wayne, only I wasn't able to make it last minute.  My oldest had driven the van the night before, and the transmission went out.  A friend offered to drive, but in the morning, reported they'd apparently hit something, damaging their tire, and no spare.  It was noon before it was fixed, meaning my 4 hour trip was off.  My friend was none too happy with me, and neither was the bookstore manager, which sent me into a two-day depression.

Family News
My youngling had a wonderful year at Head Start, and was looking forward to next year:)  Daughter found a puppy, and fortunately the owners took it back the following day:)  D still hadn't been called by the Hall, but we had a good anniversary dinner at Applebee's.  My sister and family arrived; we took the little ones to Holiday World and had a wonderful time.  Scott Dixon won the 500, and my BIL enjoyed the race.  Daughter baby-sat the niece, and afterward, all three kids enjoyed playing together.

Publishing Woes:
Received constructive criticism on what is now known as Balancing Act, and was surprised to learn I was actually writing Women's Fiction, instead of Romance.  Forbidden Love made it to Round #2 of a contest, but didn't make it to the finals.

Computer Issues:
Computer threw a fit, causing me to become acquainted with the university's Computer area at the library.  Since I couldn't depend on email from a good friend, I called, only to be snappishly told (at 7:30 pm!), "Some people work for a living!"  Yes, it stung.  It would be another month before we reconnected.

Next Month:  Computer and Friend Issues.

Present Day:
Getting ready for this weekend!  Stepdaughter J and grandkids arrive today, plus I'm putting some of the brown house items in the yard for an impromptu yard sale.  Hoping most of it sells.  Tomorrow, I'm setting up at the Opening Day of the Farmer's Market, then going to Rendezvous for my annual Buffalo Burger 'fix', plus to say hi to my SIL and BIL before packing my suitcase and heading north.  Sunday is the 500, and we have a 'full house' in our box, with me and Dad; my uncle and cousin, along with four of their friends, and one of my dad's former employees, his wife, their son, and son's girlfriend.  I actually like it better when there's an empty seat or two, since it means we can spread out a little, but oh well....there's a rumor two aren't going to show up.

Or maybe we'll get lucky and the people in front of us will leave after the race begins again???

I know; wishful thinking.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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