Friday, June 8, 2018

Flashback Friday: Colorado Bound!

June 1978:
I started my summer vacation by getting braces on my teeth.  I'd have to wear a head gear for 16 hours a day, and I hated it!  The day after I had them put on, we went to Raccoon Lake with friends Don and Cathy C, and baby Paul, who would turn a year at the end of the month.  He was the first child I ever baby-sat.  The second day of camping, my mouth hurt so badly, I couldn't eat, but enjoyed hiking the trails and wading in the lake.

My family also made plans to spend two weeks in Colorado.  I was thrilled; I'd get to see my friends S and D again.  Dad spent a week or two building a platform to place over the back seat of the car, so my sister and I could sleep comfortably side-by-side at night.  It also meant we'd have more freedom during the trip.

We arrived in Ft. Collins and soon determined the four of us kids would camp in the yard.  We set up our 2-person pup tent, but as soon as the parents went inside, W and I grabbed our sleeping bags and moved into the larger tent with the two boys, where we talked, joked, and eventually fell asleep.

The next day, I'm not exactly how it happened, but S and I were sitting on his bed, talking.  He suddenly stretched out his arms and said, "As long as you and I have been going together, I doubt we'll ever break up."

This caught me by surprise.....he and I were going together?  Suddenly, at the tender age of 12, I had my 1st official boyfriend!  We did everything together after that.  Sat by each other at the table, had numerous conversations and fun, and even slept beside each other in the tent on that 3rd day.  In the morning, S's older brother apparently decided to play a prank on us.  He woke up D and W, and collapsed the tent on the two of us while we slept.

The day before we took off for the rest of our camping trip, my sister and I got into a knock-down, drag-out fight.  I pinned her up against the wall and knocked out one of baby teeth.  Yeah, not my finest moment......

We also celebrated my dad's birthday, and I made up a song for him to the tune of 'Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee', his favorite hymn.

"It's your birthday, Daddy dear
Yes it is, yes it is....
We hope you enjoy your presents
Yes we do, yes we do.

I've made something very special,
Something especially for you.
Happy birthday, happy birthday
Happy birthday, Daddy dear
Happy birthday, happy birthday
Happy birthday, we love you.."

Cheesy, yes.  In the end, I was to bashful to sing it in front of everyone, so sang it to him in private, even though I'd been practicing it for three days in front of W, S, and D!

Next Month:  Week #2 of Camping and Florida!

Present Day:
I've had an enjoyable week, opening the Open Gallery on Tues, Wed, and today, and have even sold one book.  I wanted to go to MDQ's baby shower tomorrow, but neither we nor S have the gas $$ to drive up there.

There wasn't any karaoke last night; Brower's laptop malfunctioned.  I was able to upload and delete pictures, freeing up space to re-download the Square app on my phone.

Miss Alex turned six yesterday, and we celebrated with pork chops, veggies, and an ice cream Trolls cake from DQ.  She received $12, a Baby Alive, two books, and new shoes:)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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