Friday, June 15, 2018

Flashback Friday: Hottest June On Record??

June 1988:
I started summer classes at BSU, and EY and I shared a room in one of the All-Girl dorm.  Life at the country club was going well; I was getting to know some of the regulars, and quickly realized I enjoyed working the Dining Room at lunch, but the Porch at night and on the weekends. 

During the golf tournament, temperatures soared into the 100s, and at one point, the power went out, but only for a few minutes.  We were so hot, I volunteered to fetch anything from the cooler, ha ha!

I loved working Sundays.  It was mainly a buffet, and then I was paid $5 an hour to sit on my butt between 3 and 5pm, folding napkins and eating chocolate mousse cake.

Relationship-wise, things were getting stale between myself and DB.  I'd gone out to a local bar, the Par 4, with my co-workers one evening, and was none too happy with the couple across the room.  The girl was drunk, and kept shoving her tongue down the guy's throat, and his head up her shirt.  One of our salad girls knew him, and mentioned the next day he was intrigued by me.  But if that's the kind of female he enjoyed, then count me out, I said.

Fast-forward two weeks:  EY had accompanied my new friends and I to the Sheridan bar, and we sat near the dance floor.  All of a sudden, another rum and coke landed in front of me.

"I didn't order this..."

"It came from a guy at the bar."  The waitress pointed, but I couldn't see anyone.  Until someone got up and left.....and I thought I recognized him.  When he returned, I gathered my courage and went over to thank him.  I tapped him on his shoulder.....and yes, it was J, the guy I'd seen previously at the Par 4.  I invited him to join us, and we spent the next two hours dancing....talking....and even exchanging kisses and phone numbers.

I honestly didn't think he'd call, but when he did, EY was home, and she was none too pleased.

"Tell him you have a boyfriend!"

So I 'fessed up, but also told him things were rocky.  When EY left, I called him back, and we made plans to see each other again.

Meanwhile, another trip to the Par 4 with my coworkers after payday pissed me off:  My entire paycheck was stolen after I'd cashed it, and left it in my supposedly locked car.  I'd only taken $10 in with me.  That was the last time I'd ever give anyone a ride to the bar after payday!  I still suspect one of the sous chefs pretended to lock his door, then returned and took my cash.

Another thing marred my experience at the country club:  Marlon, one of the bus boys, took a liking to me, and began making sexual advances.  I kept managing to put him off, but he made me very uncomfortable whenever we worked the same shift.  I was happy when he eventually quit.

Next Month:  More Relationship Drama

Present Day:
I've enjoyed setting up at the Open Gallery three days a week (Tues, Wed, and Friday).  I've sold one book, garnered interest in others, and averaged 5 people a day coming in to see the gallery.

I'll be setting up at Celebration On Main St in Washington, In tomorrow.  Hopefully sales will be good:)

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