Friday, June 29, 2018

Flashback Friday: A Trying Month

June 2008:
I was having computer/internet issues, and having to go daily to the VU library in order the post my blog and check my email.

My friend T and I met briefly; although his divorce was now final, he was still stressed out.  L had cleaned out their son's college account, so he was hauling her back into court.  Their son copped an attitude with him, and stated he wanted to live with his mom.  T was still upset with my choices as far as publishing; I quietly reminded him we'd agreed to disagree on the subject.  He sighed and looked away.

I realized he'd thought the divorce would put an end to his stress, but it had only escalated it.  So our chat was brief; he returned home and I returned to the library to finish whatever I was working on.

BB came over one weekend and set up at the Wine and Art festival.  We sent so many people to the Winderwald tent, the owner brought us each a bottle of wine in exchange for our books!  Her friend TG arrived and invited me to the local Writers Guild meetings.  I was thrilled!

Next Month:  Family Stuff, Writing Stuff, and A Visit From The Grandkids!

Present Day:
I'm at the parents' house, and we celebrated my dad's 'un-birthday' yesterday by having lunch with three friends.  Today, I'm heading downtown to see if I can find someone to host me for the Gallery Walk next month, and going to karaoke with friends.

Tomorrow, I'm getting together with another friend for lunch at McAllister's, and going on a low-carb snack hunt for Mom, ha ha.  Sunday, the family arrives and I'll either go home with them, or continue to stay through next week.

The heat is here!  Mid-90s, with heat indexes in the 100s.

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