Friday, January 4, 2019

Flashback Friday: Consequences From Blizzard '78

Jan 1979:
Two things happened when we returned from Christmas Break:
1)  I discovered that since I was now 13, I had to compete in a different age bracket.  I was waaaay out of my league!
2)  Snow Day Packets were handed out, since we missed so much school due to the Blizzard of '78.

I didn't mind the assignments for English, Choir, or even Home Ec, since I could knock out a journal entry in no time; I would make lunch for my sister and I, since Mom worked for the Lafayette School Corp, and they *never* got snowed out.  (They did last year, since Mom couldn't get out of the driveway!)  Music was also easy, since we just had to watch a TV program and write down the name of who wrote the theme music (remember those?).  PE was okay, since it involved doing some sort of exercise, and shoveling snow counted.  But Science and Social Studies?  Ugh.  I don't even remember what the assignment was; I think for SS I had to watch the news or read the newspaper, and write a short essay.  Ugh.  Who cared?  I was 13!

I was taking PE the 2nd semester, and I hated it.  I didn't have any friends in that class, so when we were told to choose a locker partner, the only two girls left were myself and Darlene Bradshaw, who was in a wheelchair.  Little did I know D and I would go on to become best buddies!  So I had a locker to myself, since D didn't have to dress for PE.  I hated our first unit, basketball.  I didn't like sports at the time, and could have really cared less about how to play it.

I was still the focus of some ridicule, since I was still going with SH. 

Next  Month:  Being 'Ankled' for V-Day!

Present Day:
Holidays are winding down; getting ready to de-decorate the house this weekend.  I received some shocking news last Sat; karaoke has been limited to every other week, so unless I'm allowed to drive to Olney the other two weekends, I won't be going as fast through my list as previous years.  Plus, there's a rumor going around the owners haven't paid the taxes, and they might have to close the place.  The reason I've not seen a few of the Alternative Regulars there?  Apparently someone has expressed displeasure of their patronage.  Who in their right minds chases away paying customers?  Not wanting to bake a special cake is one thing.  But getting a drink?  Singing a song?  Well, okay....ONE person changing a song to suit their lifestyle....yeah, it gets old fast.  I would just go to the bathroom or take out my hearing aids, just like I do when other 'tired' songs are sung, or my ears can't take any more torture.

Update On Mom:
She's doing well in the rehab facility, spending 20 mins a day on the stationary bike and walking longer lengths every day!

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