Friday, January 11, 2019

Flashback Friday: Lesson Learned!

Jan 1989:
I was beginning to get discouraged about my relationship with DB.  For one thing, he began calling me when he and his buddies would be drinking, and I got tired of hearing the 'F' word coming out of his mouth every other word.  I also grew tired of his growing 'clinginess', so I made the decision to break up with him.

I did it in person, then admittedly went to his mom and told her, and we both broke down in tears.  I picked up everything I'd left at their house, and drove back to campus.

I also learned a valuable lesson the following week:  Men can smell desperation, and attention will find you when you're not looking for it.

Case In Point:  Two days after breaking it off, I went to a bar in the daytime, with my roomie, who was there to meet someone from one of her classes.  I sat at the bar drinking water, and two guys tried to buy me drinks.  I was neither interested in having a drink that early in the afternoon, nor was I thinking about a possible new relationship, so I said 'no thank you.'  Three nights later, however, my roomie and I dressed up and went to a local nightclub for quarter beer night.  Not one single guy asked me to dance or offered to buy me a drink.  I was floored....but then realized I probably looked 'too obvious'.

At any rate, DB continued to call me and 'whine' about our breakup, and since I was tired of it, and the fact no one seemed to be interested in me, I took him back

Big Mistake.

I think it was also about this time I rekindled my friendship with JF, which ultimately led to disaster.

Next Month:  Valentine's Day Failure Due To My Big Mouth

Present Day:
We will have a new roof hopefully next week!  Halleluia!!!!  Now, we just have to pay for it.  Oh winning lottery ticket, where are you?

I'm also going to Evansville tomorrow, to attend a grant application workshop, weather permitting. We're supposed to get anywhere from 3-7 inches of snow; here's hoping it tracks to the north and misses us?!?!?!?!?!?

At any rate, we're down to one gallon of milk and one loaf of bread, so heading out early to the store (pre-posting this Thursday night).

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