Tuesday, February 5, 2019

"Punt Bowl' 2019

Forget the Super Bowl.  Sunday's match up between the NE Patriots and the LA Rams turned into a battle between two defensive lines.

Admittedly, I missed it, since I was in the kitchen, putting the finishing touches on our snacks, which consisted of:
Ham and Cheese Sliders
Chocolate-Chip Blondie with Maple-Butter Sauce
Hummis and pita chips
Honey BBQ wings
Pina Colada mix
Iced Tea
Pink Lemonade

Since we have no access to local channels, I signed us up for a free trial of CBS All Access.  But because I was in the kitchen, Daughter didn't hook up the laptop until 6:30pm.

I missed the anthem, the coin toss, and the kick off.

When I joined the action, Brady had just thrown an interception.

1st Qtr:
It became a battle for 1st downs. Rams would punt, Pats would gain yards, then have to punt it back.
I think the Pats did make it to Field Goal range, but missed.
Score at end:  0-0

2nd Qtr:
Punt-fest continued for several minutes, and the Pats managed to get a field goal.
Score at halftime:  3-0, Pats.

I like Maroon 5, and my only complaint was he didn't sing Payphone.  I had no clue who Travis or Big Boi were, though I do wish Travis had cleaned up his lyrics.  I didn't think it was the snooze-fest everyone else thought it was, though at one point I joked if Adam took off any more clothes, he'd have his own Wardrobe Malfunction.

3rd Qtr:
Rams began picking up 1st downs, and even began getting to the other end of the field!  But Pats sacked/intercepted/caused them to punt.  Still, they did manage to make at 43 yard field goal!
Score at end:  3-3

4th Qtr:
With 5 minutes left in the game, Pats managed to make a touchdown.  A few minutes later, Rams almost scored a TD, but with a flag on the play, they could not recover and had to punt it away.  Pats marched it back down the field and with two minutes left, scored another Field Goal.  Rams simply couldn't recover, and the game was over

Final Score:  13-3

I LOVED the M&M one; the Bud Lite/Game of Thrones crossover, the Bud Lite saga, and Budweiser, as well as the Stella Artrois and the car commercial with the elevator.  I also enjoyed the Mr. Peanut one, and an Audi commercial which turned out to be a dream caused by a guy choking on a cashew.

The ones I missed, I caught up online, but didn't understand some of them.  Chance the Rapper and BSB?  Meh.  2Chains?  Meh.

Daughter and I discovered that if we took the time to update Facebook, or even check a site, we'd come back to the game and wonder, 'who's got the ball?'

We did find ourselves cheering every time the Rams would get another 1st down, and I was even hoping they'd tie it up again with a TD.  But no....Brady now has his 6th SB win, and tied with the Steelers now for most SB wins.  Will they try for 7?  Who knows?

See you next year!

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