Friday, February 1, 2019

Flashback Friday: An Unusual Valentine's Day Gift

Feb 1979:
I think I mentioned before that I'd been on the swim team for over a year now, and was dismayed last month when I found myself bumped up to the next age group.  I had trouble in practices keeping up, and since that group used the clock to keep distance between swimmers, I struggled because I couldn't see the second hand.  I ended up counting to ten, in order to not dive in too soon, but since I was slower than the person behind me, I often ended up going last in practices.

One day we did a mock swim meet, and since breast stroke was my specialty, I often swam that leg of the Individual Medley.  In the middle of our heat, I bent down into position as the butterflier grew closer....and the strap to my swim suit broke!  I motioned frantically for her to fix it, but she couldn't, and I ended up diving in anyway.  Needless to say, climbing out while holding one hand to my suit was a little awkward, but my teammates realized what had happened, and someone handed me a towel as I climbed up the ladder (fortunately, our lane was on the outside!).  Mom wasn't thrilled at having to buy me a new Speedo in the middle of winter.

Top of the List....Not An Honor
Normally, I'm the type of person who's never at the top of any list, unless it was reading.  So imagine my surprise when we went to a swim meet, and my name was at the top of the 100 meter breast stroke list.

My excitement was short-lived when it was pointed out the names were listed slowest to fastest.  In swimming, you want to see your name at the bottom.  I quit the team soon after, due to my issues during practice and that humiliating eye-opener.

Valentine's Day:
My boyfriend of now seven months decided to make me a pipe cleaner anklet and fastened it around my left ankle, saying we were now 'ankled', since he didn't have a pin or a ring for me.  I wore that thing for weeks, until someone asked me about it, and the teasing about me going with a boy from a rival school resumed.  I quickly changed my story to say I was using it to keep my pant legs tight, so it didn't get caught in my bicycle chain, but that didn't make sense either, since I only wore one.  Finally, I stopped wearing it altogether, and the teasing stopped.

Next Month:  Square Dancing!

Present Day:
The Arctic Blast reached us this week.  Wed, the low was -4, and the wind chill was -22.  Yesterday, when we left for Indy, it was 10 degrees, but -3 in Terre Haute and -5 in Indy.  But on the way home, it rose to 15 in Indy, and 22 at home.
Our roofers arrived on Tuesday and shingled the entire front half of the roof:)

Spouse and I went to Indy yesterday, for his semi-annual trip to see his doctors. He received a clean bill of health again, so yay!  I also sold two copies of to Danielle, the cardiac nurse, and the other to Dr. Steve:)  Ate lunch at Primara Bros (by Cabellas), and dinner at Golden Corral with ES and her hubby.  So good to see them!  Daughter F's wedding is planned for May 25th, the same day I might be in Chicago.  Ugh.

My mom was released from Rehab yesterday!  Dad is beyond thrilled to have her home again:)

Update on Roof:  They came while we were gone yesterday and got most of the back half finished.  They should be done today, so no more leaky kitchen roof!

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