Monday, June 1, 2020

Life In Lumber, Week #44

Day 198, 10-7
Today was another good day:)  We were steady, and no one had any issues.  I only needed one override, and Brendan was already there to take care of it.

Went to lunch at Fazolli's at 2, and discovered we had PEACEFUL protesters by Planet Fitness and out by Walmart.  Tomorrow, they're gonna be out by the GRC Memorial.

Took my break at 5:45 and when I returned, I did the AP4Me, and 'mucked out' Reg 2 and 3, to help out Pam.  At 6:30, Mgr T came down and asked if I'd go up front, to help out.  I did....and rang up 2 customers before being thanked and told to return to Lumber.  Then at 6:50, was asked to help out again....again, rang up 2 customers, then it was time to go home.

Outfit:  Gray 'Rebel' tee, dark capris, thick silver hoop earrings.

Day 199, 12:30-close
Began the day on a high note, but was soon dizzy and feeling sick to my stomach, so after an hour when things were NOT getting better, I called Mel, who told me to go home; they had 5 other closers.  I probably should have had S come get me, because I nearly hit a dump truck backing into McD's.

Outfit:  Blue flowered tee, dark capris, thin gold hoops.

Day 200, 10-7
Arrived ten minutes late, due to both my own lateness (had to fold my whites) and a stopped train.  Discovered one of our Pro's had been escorted off the premises by police, due to selling some merchandise 'under the table'???  Apparently, they'd been watching him for 6 months before taking action.  Also, our Pro Loader was fired for using a racial slur in the presence of a mixed-race co-worker (which I thought was a little harsh and snowflakey on the part of the co-worker, imho!).  I stared at Kim.

"I leave for 3 days and the place goes to hell?"

By the time Pam arrived at 12:30, I was getting sent to break, and when I returned, I did a few returns; Tasha called and told me to do my AP4Me (which I'd already completed on Monday), so I decided to run carts with the guys.  Kem left at 1:55; I rang up one customer and was sent to lunch.

Went to McD's, and when I arrived back, the family was in the parking lot.  They came in to buy the water line materials to run to the icemaker; they took possession of my phone the rest of the day.  D also took the van to get it checked out; turned out to be a low tire sensor.

After lunch, we were steady, but no issues.  I left at 7.

Outfit:  Lowe's tee, patterned leggings, gold hoop earrings.

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