Friday, June 13, 2014

Flashback Friday: Florida!

June 1984:
After graduation and Memorial Weekend were over, I packed my suitcase and headed to Florida with my grandparents.  I had a ton of thank you notes to write; I was looking forward to spending an entire month swimming and being pampered by my grandparents:)

But after a week of solitude, I was bored.  Yes, I missed my little sister and the antics we used to do together in the pool, like trying to both get on Grandpa's inflated raft (we never could); diving competitions; and walks at low tide.

Grandma and Grandpa did take me to Wiki Wachi, to see the mermaids, and Grandpa and I posed as 'King Neptune and Pretty Mermaid'.  We also made the usual round of restaurants, the Oyster Bar, Peter Pan, Pelican, and Sand Dollar.

I was also a little upset with my uncle, who married the previous month, and hadn't made it to my graduation.  Plus, they were now on their honeymoon, so I wouldn't see either of them.

I continued to entertain the grounds crew with my antics on the diving board, and later in the month, two little boys were thrilled when I listened to their stories and played Sharks and Minnows with them.  And when my sister arrived for the last two weeks, Grandma drove us over to Uncle Andy's Ice Cream Parlor several times after dinner.

Present Day:
I'm headed to E'ville tonight to see the Women of Duck Dynasty with friend Mel:)  Hoping my camera will be allowed; plus we each get an autographed book.

Tomorrow is my tribute to S at karaoke.  He passed away June 17th last year, and since I'll be at my HS reunion next weekend, I decided to sing the following songs:
Crazy For You (Madonna)-Our first song
Let It Be (Beattles)-We sang it to each other once
All Or Nothing (O Town)- I discovered it fit our relationship
Go Rest High On That Mountain (Vince Gill)- Just suitable

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