Friday, June 20, 2014

Flashback Friday: Getting Closer!

June 1994:
I was now entering the home stretch of my pregnancy.  I attended BFF E's baby shower, her 1st, and was delighted to learn we were still on track to have our babies within days of each other:)

I ended up doing some crisis management when another friend tried to commit suicide, and his friends were beside themselves grief.  The friend lived, but another went on a three week bender and ended up in the hospital to dry out.

I took my 2.5 year old to the pool nearly every day, and ended up getting ticked off at several moms.  K knew how to hold his breath, and sitting on the steps was getting painful for me.  Not to mention the steps were rather crowded, so I sat on the edge of a deck chair for just a moment.  Unfortunately, K tripped and went under.  Not one of those moms reached out to grab him!  I struggled to my feet and pushed two of the moms away, reaching K the same time as the pool monitor.  K wasn't hurt, and hadn't swallowed any water.

The pool monitor lit into me; I glared at the moms and stated if I saw a child in trouble, I'd grab him, not just look on helplessly.  I hauled him out of the pool and went home.  The rest of the month, we went to the other smaller pool.

Toward the end of the month, I suddenly put on ten pounds.  I waddled into Dr. S's office and informed him, "Don't razz me about my weight; I brought my husband; he can hurt you."  (Dr. S hadn't wanted me to gain any more than 30 lbs; I'd now put on 40.)

He checked me over, then scheduled an ultrasound for June 29th.

I couldn't help it; I cheated and found out we were expecting a girl.

Present Day:
I am off to my 30th class reunion!  Meeting at a bar tonight, then the Taste of Tippicanoe tomorrow:)  Hoping to meet up with LK, BC, FD, SB, MS, and KE, as well as TP, MW, LK, and MS.  Hopefully I'll have pics next week/

Have a great weekend!  I'm off to go pick up my rental car:)

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