Friday, September 26, 2014

Flashback Friday and Congratulations Derrick!!

Sept 2004:
S amused us by being in the Accelerated Reading and Science Class, and how every afternoon she would announce "I have to study my Greek' (they were learning root words).  She did well, and enjoyed both classes:)

Baby W was now six months old and beginning to crawl everywhere, after mastering the art of sitting up.

Present Day:
Big Brother Finale:
I LOVED the fact Derrick won!!!  I had to wonder, though, if he 'threw' the final contest, so Cody would win, and he wouldn't be forced to pick between C and Victoria if he won.  But Cody won, and V went out the door:)  Then only two jury members voted for Cody, so congrats to the cop, who definitely deserves a raise for proving how well he used his skills!  I think this is the 1st time a player has made it all the way through and NEVER been up for eviction.  Well done!

Karaoke Songs:
Last year at this time, I let Mark choose my songs, since his birthday is the 30th.  This year, however, I'm going to stick to my list, since I'm a bit behind schedule.
Here Comes The Rain Again (Eurythmics)
High On You (Survivor)
High Enough (Damn Yankees)
Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benetar)

Come back tomorrow since I'm participating in the SCP Sweet/Historical Blog Hop:)

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