Friday, September 12, 2014

Flashback Friday and News!!

First, the good news:

Kenzie Michaels has a new release today!!  Heart's Last Chance releases today at Secret Cravings Publishing, and since I'm not at my usual desk, I am unable to provide you with an excerpt until I find the port for the flash drive on my mother's computer!  So maybe next week when I get home, and the 3rd party links go live!

Sept 1984:
My roommates and I settled into a routine, and soon we were paired up.  EY and EC had their 'Big Brothers' at the Sigma Pi house; KC began dating one of the guys we'd met the 1st night; I had been set up with GW's date's roomie, but wasn't impressed with him.

I'd gone home for Labor Day Weekend, and Dad and I took our Black Lab over to Purdue to walk him.  We decided to go walk around the stadium as they were getting things ready for the Purdue-Notre Dame game, and when Dad paused to speak to someone he knew, Fudge decided to help himself to the hot dog stand!

Once back at VU, the Tube Race was soon organized.  EY and EC were both in it for Sig Pi, so GW, KC, and I cheered them on from the sidelines.  Afterward, we went to lunch, then got ready for the dance.

A week later, GW had a horrific breakup with her guy, and later, I went with her and KC to a party.  TM was there, and though I was wary around him at first, he turned out to share my sense of humor, and we ended up staying up all night, talking.  We got caught in the rain and ended up at Waffle House to dry out, then after returning to the dorms and changing into dry clothes, we spent the entire day together.  My lack of sleep caught up with me at 9pm on Sunday, and with GW's blessing, he and I became an item.

I'm rather embarrassed to admit he taught me to French Kiss.  I'd kissed guys on the lips, of course, but never frenched.  We'd spend hours in each other's arms, simply enjoying kissing.

Next Month:  A really bad decision and Parent's Weekend.  Plus, a huge change!

Present Day:
I'm currently at my mom's house, helping sort through cartons in the storage room and 'finding' her desk.  I've sorted and filed pictures, papers, and am down to the final carton in what used to be my sister's room.  We've found geneology, WW2 memorabilia from my Grandpa Grauel, and my grandfather's baby pictures, baptismal records, and marriage licenses.  Plus baby pictures of my great-grandmother, Mom K.

Mom's had a wonderful time seeing old pictures and recalling times at GSA camp, her prom, and time in Job's Daughters and her one year in 4-H.

Had lunch yesterday with friends, and tonight we're going to karaoke.  No clue what I might sing, but may do some of my better ones:

Wanted Dead Or Alive
Edge of 17
Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia
What's Up
Grand Illusion
Come Sail Away
Better Dig Two
Gunpowder and Lead
Hell On Heels
I Will Be

No, I don't plan to sing all of these.  But if someone else does one of 'mine', then it's good to have a back up song!  

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