Friday, September 5, 2014

Flashback Friday: Cliques Begin To Form!

Sept 1974:
In my attempt to stay in the same class with KB, I deliberately did not change classes one day, and was nearly caught.  But that class wasn't nearly 'fun' enough for me, so the following day I dutifully changed classes.

Mrs. M began reading us the book Blue Ridge Billy, and I loved that time every day!  I couldn't wait to purchase my own copy, so I could read it all the way through.

One girl in my class arrived with nearly the same type of wire-framed glasses that I did, and soon people were mixing us up, since we both had blonde hair and blue eyes.  I couldn't stand her, however.

Friendships and cliques were beginning to form.  I got along well with nearly everyone, but we were clearly about to gang up on some of the pudgy members of our class, as well as one particularly unattractive boy.  As for us girls, well, I was in Girl Scouts with several of those in my class, so I had to behave myself.  At recess, I loved to play on the monkey bars, and was praised for my efforts going across the bars and being able to skip a bar or two.  I'd certainly had enough practice on KE's set during the summer!  I was too scared to play on the round tiles, since while not afraid of heights, I was afraid of falling.  I stayed on the two lower ones.

I absolutely love my 3rd grade picture.  I am wearing a light blue turtleneck, with a gold locket, and my hair is pulled back from the sides in a pony tail, with the rest hanging loose.  This is only the first of a handful of school pictures I think I look nice in.

Next Month:  Halloween!

Present Day:
We went roller skating yesterday at a K12 outing.  I love to roller skate, and since our local rink closed in 2007, I've longed to get back on my skates.  But it's been 7 years.....I've gained 40 pounds....I'm also getting close to 50....needless to say, I could stand up on my skates, just couldn't MOVE!  I was slightly humiliated when I finally ventured out onto the floor, only to hang onto the wall like a beginner.  A kid even asked if it was the first time.  Ummm, no, seven years earlier, I'd zoomed around the floor like a pro.  It seems the spirit was willing, but the body was weak.  And it was my ideal situation; a nearly deserted floor!

Guess I'm going to have to hang up my skates.  I'm too old, too out of shape, and out of practice.

Tomorrow's Karaoke Tunes:
Heaven Is A Place On Earth
Heaven is a 4 Letter Word (maybe)
Hell on Heels
Black Velvet

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