Friday, November 14, 2014

Flashback Friday: Catching Up...Again....

Yes, I know; I've been a bad blogger again.  Last week was just crazy, between the Christmas Gift and Hobby Show on Thursday (sold 4 books!) and the Christ Renews His Parish Women's Retreat over the weekend!  I was busy making cookies last Friday.

Nov 1974:
We celebrated at my Granny McIntire's house, with my cousin Michele.  At school, we were learning our Multiplication Tables, and I was very grateful for a wonderful Saturday Morning 'short' between cartoon, Schoolhouse Rock.  I loved the 'Three Is A Magic Number', 'A Noun is a Person, Place, or Thing', 'I'm Just A Bill', and 'The Constitution' jingles the best.

TM and I kept advancing our relationship.  Finally, Nov 2nd, it went as far as it could.  I don't regret it; it was a wonderful experience.  My only regret is I didn't wait a bit longer.  But I can't see the future, and I had no idea my Soul Mate would arrive in just another year.

For Thanksgiving that year, I think we just had a quiet day at home.  I DID manage to make it into a picture in the 1984-85 yearbook.  There's a picture of the crowd at the State Band Finals, and while the main focus is two girls in the guard, in the background you can clearly see me, my dad, and my sister, as we cheered JHS to a 4th place victory:)

Fashion:  Layers was the rage.  I would wear a polo with a multi-colored collar, a white long-sleeved Oxford shirt, then pull my blue and green monogrammed sweater over everything.  Yes, this kept me warm!

Present Day:
I'm currently in Lafayette, helping my mom with Phase #3 of the Great Decluttering Project of 2014, ha ha.....we need to 'find' the kitchen table, since Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up!  Today, we cleared the card table, only for Mom to pile two more stacks on it.  So that's tomorrow....then I'm off to Karaoke.

Saturday, I'm off to Indy Unmasked, and hope to meet Carly Phillips, Mahalia Levy, and Morgan Wyatt.  Don't think I'll be buying books, but I'll take pics and pick up swag.  Yes, I'm broke.  Then home and more karaoke.

Songs I Plan To Sing:
Going to do a 'Heart' theme.....
What About Love
All I Want To Do
Greatest Love of All  (want to get this on video)
You Haven't Seen The Last of Me (if there's time)

Better Dig Two
Edge of 17
Magic Power
I Will Be

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