Friday, November 28, 2014

Flashback Friday

Nov 2004:
This was a month of upheaval.  Stepdaughter decided to leave the baby daddy; SIL announced she was divorcing her hubby.  D and I began to have issues, since my mother announced she'd purchased tickets for all of us to fly to Ottowa over Christmas, in order to spend the holiday with my sister, BIL, and 1.5 y/o D,  But my spouse rebelled, saying he was NOT going anywhere over Christmas but to his mother's, since 'she might not be around much longer'.  The kids and I were free to go, but he was staying put.  And when he found out we were to leave Christmas Day?  OMG...the shit hit the fan.

I began having sleep issues.  I'd sleep two hours, then couldn't go back to sleep.  When four days passed and I'd only slept a total of 8 hours, I consulted Mom, who said it was stress, and for me to call the doctor.  She also agreed to see if she could switch our tickets to the next day.

The doctor called me in a prescription for Ambien.  I took one Friday night, and slept VERY well!  Mom called and said she'd managed to change our departure date, which calmed D down somewhat.  When we arrived at my MIL's for Thanksgiving, and she found out about our travel plans, she warned me some airports were strip-searching, and what about that?

"Maybe I'll get a cute security guard?"

She wasn't amused.

Present Day:
We had a very enjoyable T-day yesterday, with a 22 lb turkey, mashed potatoes, noodles, stuffing, peas and carrots, a  raw veggie tray, fruit tray, bacon-tomato cups, homemade biscuits, cheesecake, blackberry cream cheese pie, apple pie, and cake.  Friend Jackie and 6 y/o daughter/granddaughter Lily spent the day with us, and I was able to watch most of the parade this morning.

I also sang at the 8am service this morning at Old Cathedral.

Planning to drag out the Christmas decorations today and letting Ariel and Jaevon set things up.  S has to work 9-5, so maybe some of it won't get set up until later.

Karaoke Songs For Tomorrow:
Heart Like Mine-Miranda Lambert
Home Sweet Home-Motley Crue
Harden My Heart-Quarterflash
Birmingham-Amanda Marshall (if there's time; I have to leave at midnight, due to singing at 8 Sunday)

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