Friday, November 21, 2014

Flashback Friday

November 1994:
This was a somber month, since my mother took a leave of absence in order to care for my grandmother in Florida, who had been diagnosed with esophogial cancer.  My paternal grandfather passed away, so my sister and I supported our father, along with Granny, during the awful week.  We spent Thanksgiving with the spouse's parents, since we would be flying to Florida in December.  The kids were really too young to understand what was going on

Present Day:
I was finally able to finish Kira's story this week!  It ended being 52,073 words:)  Now back to work on NiKoh's story!

I don't know if I'll 'win' NaNo this year or not, but if I can work on Niko's story every day, and average 1400 words, I should be able to make quite a dent in it.

Awesome news!
1)  I signed up for two slots for next year's Christmas Gift and Hobby Show, to be held Nov 11-15th.

2)  Kenzie's 2nd review arrived!  This one's from TRS:  "I enjoyed this paranormal romance story. This is a fast-paced story that is filled with action, and a lot of hot and steamy sexual encounters between the two main characters." To read the full review, go here.

Not-So-Awesome News:
Saw the eye doctor for another check of my eye pressure, and not only is it still elevated, it's higher.  So he's referring me to the Eye Care center for a full glaucoma work up.  Since I have ZERO history of it in my family (or so I thought....more on this in a moment), the Dr thinks it's merely occular hypertension and treatable with drops.  I just learned via my cousin Pam, my great-uncle had it.  Thanks, Uncle Mac....

Weekend Plans:
MDQ and ME are arriving tomorrow; all three little ones have the entire week off next week.  Since the grandkids couldn't come over Fall Break, we said they could come down over the holiday.  I plan to write most of tomorrow, then head to karaoke.

Hold On To the Night-Richard Marx
Head Games-Foreigner
Hooked On A Feeling-BJ Thomas
Birmingham-Amanda Marshall
One Tin Solder-Joni Mitchell

Choir is singing at Sacred Heart at 10:30, so I'm VERY happy there is no CCD class!  I can take MDQ with me, if she wants, and the rest can stay home.

Amazing Race:
Thank GOD Tim and Tee-Jay were finally sent home!  I'm sorry; I found them very annoying.  Adam and Bethany used their Express Pass, which, from the previews of next week, they're going to wish they'd held onto it one more week.  We'll see what happens!

NaNo Word Count So Far:   20,933    2/5 of the way to my goal:)  

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