Friday, December 12, 2014

Flashback Friday: I'm the SHORT one?

Dec 1984:
Took my first final exams,one at 6am-bleh.  Did well, then caught a ride home.

Discovered my younger sister was now taller than me, which presented an issue at church.  People would come up to us and ask her about college; I'd politely remind them SHE was still in high school, and 'Shorty' was the one away at college!  I have positive proof that back in Easter, I was still taller than she was, lol!

Had three glorious weeks off for vacation, and T came up for my birthday celebration at Mt. Jacks. Afterward, he and I took a drive, but he couldn't stay long, since he lived in Carmel, In, on the north side of Indy.  Forgot to mention; I saw him after Thanksgiving, and he drove me past his house.  Before we left, he cautioned me his house was 'small'...he didn't know I was well acquainted with the house sizes in Carmel, so when I saw it, it DID meet my expectations!

We celebrated Christmas with my father's family, as usual, and on Christmas Eve, ended up sitting next to my 9th grade crush, with an 'OMG....what was I THINKING' moment, after realizing who he was!

Christmas Day, after opening presents and eating breakfast, we headed to Indianapolis to my great-grandmother's house.  W and I had received our Polaroid One Step cameras, and were experimenting.  W was also getting ready to leave for Disneyworld with her friend K, so Dad soon took her to the airport.

I think she was back in time for New Year's Eve; we watched the ball drop and went to bed after ushering in 1985.

Present Day:
I've been told I can Christmas shop on Wednesday, payday!

This week, I've made M&M cookies, and will probably write out the cards this weekend.

Karaoke Songs:
Head Over Heels (Go-Gos)
Heartbeat (DeFranco family)
Hot Child in the City (Nick Gilder)
Hey Jude (Beatles)
Angel of the Morning (Juice Newton)

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