Friday, December 26, 2014

Stuff Your Kindle Blog Hop

Merry Christmas and welcome to the 1st annual Stuff-Your-Kindle Blog Hop:)

What is it, you ask?

It's  where you 'hop' from blog to blog, leaving comments, and at the end of the week, you might be the lucky recipient of a book or two:)  Sound good?

Where do you start?  You're here, aren't you?  Oh, you mean where do you go from here?  A good place to go is over to the SCP Blog, where you're sure to find the rest of the links.

If you're not familiar with my books, my Arbor University series is caught in its own little sub-genre.  It takes place in the 1980 (historical); deals with college-age women as they deal with Life, Love, and each other (Women's Fiction/Mainstream); while it's too descriptive for Young Adult, there are themes which fit it, as well as New Adult, but not explicit enough for Erotic.

Confused yet?

Why not take a chance and see if you like it?

For a chance at my favorite, Forbidden Love, tell me your favorite Christmas Carol.  I'll pick a winner on Monday.

Meet Keri Patterson, a sophomore at Arbor University, pursuing an Auto Technology career in the middle 1980s.  The college is located in the fictional town of Arbordale, Indiana, and Keri’s dream is to one day be a part of an Indy car racing team.  Along the way, she meets and falls for an older man, Kyle Sampson, who happens to be going through a divorce.  With the innocence of her first love, Keri tries to balance her ambition to be the first female member of a racing pit crew and her awakening femininity.  Will Keri and Kyle’s romance survive the hairpin twists and turns, or is disaster looming?

Kyle is not without problems of his own.  He wasn’t expecting to meet the girl of his dreams so quickly, before the ink is even dry on the divorce petition.  Trying to keep the two facets of his life separate, he discovers there is a fine line between love and hate, as well as deception and protection.  But life doesn’t always get wrapped up in neat packages.  Sometimes it blows up in your face.

"Your body is a special gift that you can only give once," she said. "A lot of guys think it's fun to teach the joys of sex, others don't care. It sounds like Kyle's the caring type, isn't he?"

"Yes," Keri perched on the end of Gretchen’s bed.

"You're lucky. My first one was a rotten experience. But also," she cautioned. "There may be someone out there who's your soul mate, one who'll be happy you waited for him."

"Yeah, but Kyle feels right."

"So do a lot of other things that are bad for you," Gretchen pointed out. "Go with your gut feelings. Don't compromise yourself in any way, and don't do anything until you feel ready."

"I hadn’t thought of that. So it’s sort of like the advice we heard in Health class, if you have to ask if you’re ready, you’re really not? Thanks!"

"Any time."

Remember, let me know your favorite Christmas Carol and leave me your contact info in the comments.  I'll pick a winner on Monday!


Liz Flaherty said...

Don't sign me up--my TBR pile is too high! I just stopped in to say hello and (late) Merry Christmas. My favorite carol is most of them, though "Mary Did You Know" lapses me into tearful silence.

Shelly Wygant said...

My favorite Christmas Carol is jingle Bells. Thank you.

Jeanine said...

Silent Night! Happy New Year.

Karen Cino said...

Wonderful Christmas Time.

Beverly said...

God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman.

Tamara Hoffa said...

Mary Did You Know

Cathy Brockman said...

Sounds good! Oh holy night is one of my many favorite Christmas Carols

Shadow said...

I love christmas carols! My favorite is White Christmas. Happy New Year!

Holly J. Gill said...

Jingle Bells. Happy New Year

Tricia Flanagan said...

A favorite of mine is Silent night