Monday, December 1, 2014

December's Here!!! Wait-It's DECEMBER???

In case you've not heard the news, NaNo went well for me:)  The Women's Retreat was successful, and I received good feedback on my talk.  Plus, I not only finished Kira's story (52K) but I also wrote Ch 4-7 on Niko's story!  I did 'win', by squeaking over the 50K mark at 50,005 (whew!), and now it's time to finish Niko and send him off to a beta reader.  I think it's slightly crappy, but that's for my beta to decide.  My job is to get the damn thing written first.

Looking Ahead To This Month:
1)  Christmas Shopping:  I've bought exactly ONE (1) present.

2)  Christmas Cards:  I DID remember to send out the rent in one!  So that's one name off my list of maybe 40...

3) Birthdays:  K's falls on a Monday, and mine's on a Friday.  K only wants to be taken out to dinner, since he'll have to work that day.  I'll most likely spend mine either baking or wrapping.  I did buy my birthday outfit, and hope to wear it both Friday AND Saturday nights:)

4)  Baking:  Haven't quite figured out how I'm going to write AND bake this month.  Write in the morning?  At night?  I know I typically bake in the afternoon.

Reading Schedule:
The Emperor's Children Interesting....
Christopher's Diary- VC Andrews  Boring.  Kristin's character was interesting, but just another rehash of FITA.  You don't learn anything new.
The Closers-Michael Connelly

I Want to Sext You Up-Amber Skyze Loved this!!!
Chick Magnet-Mary Martinez  LOVED THIS!!  DRR
The Troubles-Tricia Anderson
Cowboy Up-Various Had issues with the 3rd one, but the others were fantastic!
The Gentleman's Harlot-Natalie Dae
Slave-Sherri Hayes
Sticky Magic-Raine Delight
Lust On Tap-Liz Crowe
Blind Faith-Sandra Tilley
Laura Meets Jeffrey-Jeffrey Michaelson
Breathing His Air-Debra Kayn
Lawman-Regina Carlysle
Winning His Wife-Sandra Sookoo
Baby Stetson-Nikki Lynn Barrett, et al

Karaoke Songs:
Hard To Say I'm Sorry-Chicago DNH
Head Over Heels-Tears For Fears Did okay
Head over Heels-Go-Gos Not bad:)
Hey Jude-Beattles Bleh...voice broke and sounded BAD!
Hot Blooded-Foreigner Not bad
Hot Child in the City-Nick Gilder Pretty good!
(Birthday week):
Where The Streets Have No Name-U2  Nailed it:)
I Will Be-Leona Lewis  Received applause:)
Hotel California-Eagles Nailed it:)
How Am I Supposed To Live w/o You-Michael Bolton Ick!

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