Friday, April 10, 2015

Flashback Friday: Life-Changing Event

April 7, 1985:
Everyone has one of Those Moments, when your life is forever changed?  I arrived back at college after a rather stressful whirlwind Easter weekend (which involved six hours on a bus round trip), so was in a rather rebellious frame of mind an hour later when EY entered our room with the news the guy she was seeing had a friend who was home on leave from the Air Force and needed a date.

EC, her usual partner in crime chosen companion, declined the offer.  I said I'd go.

EY looked at me, then sounded a little reluctant.  We went to the lobby to meet him, and he looked okay to me.  I returned to the room to finish unpacking and get ready; EY entered and said while I'd passed HIS 'test', she had some rather unsettling words for me:

"He thinks you look like a librarian."

Having not 'fessed up about my shenannigans with TM, I set off for the date, determined to show him how 'un-librarian' I could be.  I confronted him about the comment; he said he meant I didn't look like a partier.  Two hours later, he changed his opinion, and we had a wonderful nine days together, though we also had a major fight the next day, since I let it be known, in no uncertain terms, I was NOT to be taken lightly.  When he left, he took a piece of my heart with him, and I didn't think I'd ever see him again.

During those two weeks, EY and I discovered what I'd known all along:  We were destined to become BFFs for life.

Even if we were afraid to admit to each other what we were really doing at night with our men!

April 1975:
We celebrated Easter at my Grandma G's house, and in school, I was reading Tall Tales with two others.  My crush on BH continued, as I would kiss his coat sleeve whenever I found myself in the hallway alone.  I nearly got caught once, but was able to cover it up!

A friend, Debbie Sprinkle, refused to wear skirts or dresses.  I remember Ginny Curwick asking her, "Don't you want to show off your legs to the boys?"  DS replied, "NO WAY!"

I loved wearing dresses, and wished I was allowed to wear my Sunday dress all day long, instead of changing into play clothes after church.

During Sunday School, we talked about Passover, and my teacher brought in some lamb.  No one would touch it, but I ended up eating all of it!  That was when my love of Lamb was recognized, and every chance I got, I would order lamb chops at a restaurant.

Present Day:
The spouse is having surgery on his toe, to remove an ulcerated callus.  I'm also gearing up for Kenzie's Release Week and Blog Tour for NiKoh's Chosen:)

Karaoke Songs:
I Miss You-Klymaxx
I Need To Know-Marc Anthony
I Need You-Leann Rimes
I Only Wanna Be With You-Samantha Fox or Dusty Springfield (whichever version is fine)

Have a good weekend!  Yes, I'm upset Kentucky didn't win last weekend, but yay Duke!

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