Friday, April 24, 2015

Flashback Friday

April 1995:
After being on the job for two months, and being invited out with my coworkers on Friday or Saturday nights, I decided to join them one evening.  We went to a local bar and talked, then I took one of the guys home.  I returned home around 1am, when I'd gotten off at 11, and found the spouse irritated with my lateness.  I stated I hadn't been doing anything wrong, and would not make a habit of it.  Still, he seemed less enthused by my working status while he continued to wait for the union hall to call him.

Next Month:  Rebellion

April 2005:
Went with my daughter's class to Connor Prairie, and discovered touring the living museum with girls a drastic change from going with boys!  When my son went, we hopped from building to building, with he and his friends trying to 'trip up' the speakers by asking questions about the 20th Century.  I finally got them to stop, and by the end of the trip, they enjoyed the playground and a cursory trip through the gift shop for candy.

S and her BFF N, enjoyed the speakers, refused to attempt to make a bark canoe, skin a deer, or even go near that section.  They spent an hour in the gift shop, playing with puppets and picking out souveniers.  I had an enjoyable day with them, and didn't need to soak my feet at the end of the day!

Present Day:
I'm getting ready to head to Nashville, TN for the Day with the Authors.  I'm picking up my rental car this afternoon, then leaving around 6am.  IF I get back in time, I'll stop for karaoke, and will sing the following songs:
I Need You-Leann Rimes
Hit Me Baby One More Time-Britney Spears
I Only Wanna Be With You-Samantha Fox or Dusty Springfield
I Still Believe In You-Vince Gill

Have a great weekend!

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