Wednesday, April 8, 2015

HDH #4

I know; I've been a really baaaaad blogger lately!  Sometimes Life just smacks you between the eyes and doesn't let you have time for anything!

Today's HDH is from SaLie's story, coming next fall.  Hope you enjoy this!

SaLie grimaced as the recording began to play again, recognizing her nephew’s voice.  As the shuttle pod drew nearer to the landing bay, she couldn’t help but stare in awe at the silver structure hovering in space around her, looking like a massive wheel surrounding a tall building.  How was it OkVei was given the honor of recording the welcome message?  Did he have to sound so syrupy sweet?  I guess finding his Chosen has made him sappy.  She chuckled at her own pun.  If her nephew could spend three months on this station, then so could she.  SaLie hoisted her bags as the landing bay clamps locked onto the shuttle, halting its forward motion.  The doors hissed open and she joined her fellow passengers toward the opening, grateful for the blast of warmer air which filtered into the cool shuttle.  I can’t wait until we can teleport here.  It will be so much easier!  OkVei had told her during his last visit home that problems with the gravitational force had caused a few crew members to be lost.  Everyone was anxious for a solution to be found, as shuttles were slow and only operated when full.  This created some tension if emergencies rose.

Kenzie has some good news on her site, so go over and find out, unless you've already seen her post on Facebook:)

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