Wednesday, April 15, 2015

HDH #5

I know, I know....this is the 15th Wednesday of 2015, yet I'm only on #5??  Proof I've been an inconsistent blogger.  But you love me, right?  Hahahahaha....

In honor of Tax Day, here's a snippet from Kenzie's Teacher's Pet.  Enjoy!

Kevin called later that evening. “Can you swing by Knox’s office tomorrow, so he can take your statement?”

“I’ll be there as close to nine-thirty as I can. I’m filing my taxes at eight.”


“I got my information the other day. Why? Are you one of those who waits until the last minute?”

“Not exactly. I just like filling them out myself.”

“Not me. I let H&R Block handle everything.”


“Why wait? Unless I owe anything, and then I send the check late at night on April fifteenth.” She grinned at the sound of Kevin groaning. “But that’s only happened a couple of times.” Switching gears, she told him about Danny’s interest in the upcoming Valentine’s Day dance.

“Yeah, I overheard Ariel asking him if he was going to be there. I think I kindled a budding romance when I moved her in front of Danny.” He told her about the conflicts he’d noticed between the boy and Kelsey.

Tammy laughed. “Kelsey had been his girl all through the third and fourth grades. And when her body began to develop, all the boys were vying for her attention. And when Cody kissed her and bragged about it, well, that was the end of her and Danny.”

“Kelsey keeps it up, and she’s going to be trouble in a few years.”

Tammy sighed. “So will Cody.”

Teacher's Pet is available here.

Speaking of tax day, we're very thankful today is also payday, so the tax check we have to send in today for our State taxes won't interfere with our utility bills:)


Linda said...

I'm sure there is still a chance for Kelsey and Danny. ;)

Molly Daniels said...

LOL....I'm glad you think so:) Thanks for stopping by!