Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August Reading Schedule

I know I'm two weeks behind on posting this...first things first; here's the July Recap:

July's Goals...Did I meet any of them?
-Get house fumigated Check:)
-Write Heart Song, or at least get close to finishing it! Not even close...still on Ch 3
-Buy promo for Watermelon Fest No.
-Finish paying for Christmas Gift and Hobby Show No
-Keep sane Jury's still out on this one, ha ha!
-Drop another 5-10 pounds Managed to drop 2, so hey....progress!

Books Read:  3

Songs Added To Karaoke List: 7

August Goals:
-I. Will. Write. Heart, Song!
-Pay for Christmas Toy and Hobby AND Book Blitz
-Buy promo for Wine and Art Fest
-Promote Orion Anthology
-Get computers in shape for K12 year
-Drop 5 pounds

Reading List:
Emily-Sandra Martin Very good!

Karaoke Songs:
Breathe-Breaking Benjamin B didn't have this, which is okay; I sung this back in 2011, when Cheryl was KJ-ing, and it's too low for me.  Was just hoping to get it on video.
Don't You Wanna Stay-Kelly Clarkson/Jason Aldean
The Climb-Miley Cyrus
Consider Me Gone-Reba
Do You Wanna Touch Me-Joan Jett  LOL....nailed it!
Everlasting Love-Rex Smith/Rachel Sweet
Foolin' Yourself-Styx  Nailed it:)
Heaven is a Four-Letter Word-Bad English
I Wanna Dance With Somebody-Whitney Houston  Little shaky, but not bad.
If I Only Wanted To-Melissa Etheridge Okay....

If I Can't Have You-Yvonne Elliman Okay; others liked it!
If You Love Me-Olivia Newton-John Nailed it!
I'll Be-Edwin McCain Okay....
If You See Him-Reba/Brooks and Dunn I nailed MY part; the rest was a comedy routine!  But then again, given who I chose to partner with me....I kinda expected it!
I'll Be Your Shelter-Taylor Dane
I'll Never Get Over You-Expose Nailed it:)
I'll Stand By You-Pretenders
If You Could Only See-Tonic


BC Brown said...

My upcoming "to-do" list for karaoke:
Stanky Leg, by GS Boys;
Hella Good, by Gwen Stefani;
Are You Gonna Be My Girl, by Jet;
Three Little Pigs, by Green Jelly.
Any recommendations?

As far as that stay sane part... I've been sane for too long. I think it's time to lose my mind for a while. :D

Molly Daniels said...

I want 3 Little Pigs on video! Vickers did it last month and I need to record him doing it also, lol!

How long has it been since you've done Stan?