Saturday, August 22, 2015

Flashback Friday: Exploring:)

Aug 1995:
With my baby girl now mobile, life was more busy, keeping her safe from knocking things over, and keeping her from exploring her climbing skills on my desk.  She was determined to keep up with her brother, and followed him everywhere.

The downtown Circle Center Mall opened, so we naturally went to see it.  We soon learned to love the circular glass elevator which took us to the food court and upstairs to the arcade, and both kids (okay, ALL of us, ha ha!) fell in love with F.A.O. Schwartz.  I think S wanted to take home the entire stuffed animal collection!

We ate pizza and gyros in the food court, enjoyed the 50's music spilling out from Johnny Rockets, then hooked S on her 'leash' and walked her around, chewing on her pizza crust.  I soon learned to enjoy the Warner Bros store, as well as Disney, and Sam Goodey Records.  Bodyworks, Victoria's Secret....Eddy Bauer....Nordstrom...Parisian....I was in love.  I think we even bought S some socks at Parisian!  D soon turned me onto Irish Cream lattes at the Nordstrom coffee bar, and we took home some specialty chocolates.

My favorite memory, however, is watching S, happily munching on her pizza crust, then her temper tantrum after dropping it and having Daddy throw it away!  I don't remember if we had to stop at the Cookie Factory to distract her, but she was NOT happy!

Next Month:  K Begins Pre-School:)

Present Day:
School began this week for my 5th grader, and this year, 90% is done offline.  It's put a hurt on my writing, since we have to do so much work with me supervising him.  He fought me on spelling; literature; and even Math yesterday.  I'm hoping our new Plan works this coming week!

Karaoke Songs:
If You Love Me-ONJ
Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone-Glass Tiger
If You Could Only See-Tonic
I'll Be-Edwin McCain

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