Saturday, August 29, 2015

Flashback Friday: Back To School:)

Aug 2005:
We began the month with MDQ and ME's 4th and 3rd birthday party at J's new house in TH. She would be bringing them to my house every day while she worked her new job.  That was the original plan.

K and S began 8th and 5th grade, and all seemed to be well.  S liked her new teacher, and junior high seemed to be agreeing with K.

We settled into a comfortable routine; K and S knew that if I didn't show up at school in the afternoon, it was because all three little ones were napping.

I was now back on the 'write-when-the-little-ones-nap' routine, and trying to finish book #6 of Arbor U.

Next Month:  Upset In Routine

Present Day:
I forgot to post this yesterday!!!
We're in week #2 of K12, and Youngling is doing well:)  I discovered I wasn't teaching him spelling properly, so yesterday we made up notecards and he spelled all but 4 correctly!  Today we're doing yesterday's lessons, since we were gone most of the  day on Wednesday, so the lessons were adjusted.

Was frisky at Brower's Karaoke on Wednesday, singing the following songs:
Out Here On My Own
If I Only Wanted To
Do You Want To Touch Me
I Hate Myself For Loving You (by request)

Tonight's songs:
I'll Be There (Mariah Carey)
City of New Orleans (Arlo Guthrie)
I'll Be Your Shelter (Taylor Dane)
I'll Never Get Over You (Expose)
I'll Stand By You (Pretenders, back up song)

Have a great weekend!

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