Friday, September 18, 2015

Flashback Friday: Mixed Signals

Sept 1985:
Story Thus Far:  Back in college for my sophomore year, I'd met a guy on Day #3, who had invited me not only to the weekly dance, but to a party afterward. After an enjoyable evening, I thought I'd found a new boyfriend.  But reality was about to smack me between the eyes.

N had mentioned an upcoming beach party, and told me to invite my friends.  He had also indicated he'd like me to stick around for Labor Day weekend, so while everyone else set off for their hometowns, I stayed behind.

9pm arrived, and there was still no sign of N.  He didn't have a phone installed, so I walked the 9 blocks to his house, only to be told he'd gone to the party he'd 'invited' me to.  Confused, and a little shy about walking to a strange party, I called a friend for an escort, but R brought several others with him.  They walked too slowly for my taste, so I grabbed my courage and went on ahead, since I didn't know the others, and let's face it....I didn't want criticism for what I was about to do.

When I arrived, and tracked down N, he was dancing and paying a lot of attention to someone else.  I was devastated, so I left and returned to the dorm.  Fortunately, E called to find out how I was, and when I told her about the disaster, she sent her dad down to get me the next day.

EY and I went out Saturday night with two friends of hers, E and J. We had a good time hanging out and singing to the radio, then E and I went for a drive to give J and EY privacy.  We made out a little in EY's driveway, since her parents were asleep, and I didn't have a key.  We agreed not to go any farther until he and J came down to see us, and we fell asleep in the front of his truck until EY appeared and woke us up.  She and I went inside and went to bed.

The next morning, we went to church, then I met some more of her friends, and we ended up chaperoning a video arcade birthday party.  Monday afternoon, her mom drove us back.

By Tuesday, I'd cooled off about N, and went over to see if the beach party was still on.  He said yes, and told me what time to be at his house the following Saturday.  He acted happy to see me, so my hopes soared.  But by Saturday, I was the only one willing to go.  I climbed into N's cousin's car, then ended up being a glorified babysitter to B's 4 y/o son.  I missed out on the food, since T and I were in the water, and by the time B took his son home, N was again snuggling up to one of the other girls. While I waited for B to return, one of the other guys asked me for a back rub, then spoke to me more, even asking me to go for a twilight swim. I flirted with him, but after we returned to the camp site, the police arrived and told us to leave.  I panicked; my ride wasn't back yet.  So D offered me a ride back on his motorcycle, and since I had no desire to be carted off to jail, gladly accepted!  After arriving back in town, we first found the rest of the gang, but by then, I was tired, hungry, and cold.  I told D to take me back to my dorm and we'd order pizza.  I hopped in the shower, but when I came out, one thing led to another, and when EY arrived shortly after midnight, the three of us spoke, played UNO, and she told me she approved.  At check out time, D kissed me and told me he'd be back to see me in a few days.

But our schedules never jivved after that.  He came by while I was in the shower, but didn't stick around.  Later, I'd just come from class and was told he had been by the window.  He never tried to see me again, so once again, I felt jilted.

After the annual Tube Race, I went to a party with K, and ended up spending the evening with N's roommate, G.  He took me bowling, and even though he had a girlfriend back home, he said he enjoyed hanging out with me.  N and I were finished; G was happy to do things with me, so we kept it platonic.

Next Month:  Disaster at the Halloween Party, plus mistaken identity.

I'm off to the Louisville Book Blitz tomorrow!

Have a good weekend!


Unknown said...

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Molly Daniels said...

Thank you April:)

My publisher closed its doors earlier this month, so I hope to have all my books back up on kindle within a few months.

My alter-ego, Kenzie Michaels, has 7 books already published (I'll get the other two up soon also), so check out her site...the link is to the right.