Friday, September 4, 2015

Flashback Friday: Hay Fever!

Sept 1975:
Something awful happened a few weeks after school began.  I couldn't stop sneezing, and instead of carrying around a box of Kleenex, I opted to carry a hankerchief like Dad did.  But suddenly, the other kids seemed to avoid me.  Who wanted to be around someone constantly blowing their nose all the time?

I'd sunk to the very bottom of the pecking order.

No medications were available for my sudden onset of Hay Fever.  My head refused to dry up.

A cute new boy appeared in my class, but even he kept his distance from me.  Suddenly very self-conscious of the way I appeared, I began withdrawing from everyone.

But at home, my mom let us dress up in her old formals, and we spent many happy afternoons clomping around in Mom's high heels and I began dreaming of attending dances with my future boyfriend.

KE and I also had an enjoyable afternoon with Dad (thank you Mom for catching it on camera!).  He turned us both upside down, held us over his head, and in general, had a good time:)

Next Month: Art Class Disaster

Present Day:
I'm still reeling from the news that my beloved publisher has closed its doors. I've removed all links from my website, so please be patient while I figure out the ins and outs of self-publishing, or go about finding another publisher.  Kenzie has still taken over the brain, so I will let you know where things stand on the Arbor U series:)

Later today, I'm off to the Washington Wine, Cheese, and Art Festival!  I've been up in Indianapolis since Monday, taking care of MDQ and ME while their mother is in the hospital. She was released yesterday, so as soon as the festival is over, I'll head north again, and stay as long as she needs me.

I'll get the September Reading Schedule posted soon:)

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