Monday, September 7, 2015

September Reading Schedule

Where did August go?  How did I do on my goals?
-I. Will. Write. Heart, Song!  I did write Ch. 3, though...
-Pay for Christmas Toy and Hobby AND Book Blitz Check:)
-Buy promo for Wine and Art Fest Still in progress....
-Promote Orion Anthology  Check:)
-Get computers in shape for K12 year  Nope...
-Drop 5 pounds  Almost:)

Books Read:  1

Songs Added To Karaoke Good List:  7

September Goals:
-Self-publish Best of Both Worlds (check!), Heart's Last Chance, and NiKoh's Chosen
-Write Heart Song (now due October 31st)
-Do well at all three signings this month:
     -Washington Wine and Art Fest  Sold 6!!!
     -Cherry Ghost Coffee Shop Sold 4:)
     -Palace Book Blitz  Sold 5:)
-Buy copies of HLC (check!) and NiKoh (check!), plus BOBW, once it's up
-Clean up Kira and send it off to RP.
-New phone???

September Reading Schedule:
The Bridal Contract-Sandra SMidookoo
As Simple As It Seems-Sarah Weeks  Cute story!
The Dead Girls Detective Agency-Suzy Cox Wonderful story!!!
Midsummer Melody-Rebecca Kelly Wonderful story!!!
Plum Lovin'-Janet Evonovich Not bad....
Plum Lucky-JE  Not bad....
Light From Heaven-Jan Karon  Loved this!!!  DRR

Karaoke Songs:
Don't You Wanna Stay-Kelly Clarkson/Jason Aldean
The Climb-Miley Cyrus Not bad....
Consider Me Gone-Reba  A little rough, but not bad:)
Everlasting Love-Rex Smith/Rachel Sweet
Heaven is a Four-Letter Word-Bad English
I'll Be Your Shelter-Taylor Dane Video sounded better than I thought:)

I'll Stand By You-Pretenders Sort of nailed it....
I'm a Survivor-Reba McEntire  Did well:)
I'm Already There-Lonestar
I'm Not Lisa-Jessi Colter
I'm With You-Avril Lavigne
I'm Your Angel-Celine Dion/R. Kelly

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