Friday, January 22, 2016

Flashback Friday: Crossroads

Jan 1996:
Recap:  Our storage unit had been broken into after Thanksgiving and several items, including all the Christmas presents I'd bought, were stolen.  Heartbroken, furious, and feeling extremely violated, I demanded we  look  for someplace new.  Also, New Year's Eve Day brought a phone call from an old friend, who said he'd be up to visit me on Jan 5th.  I was thrilled!

After spending several hours with my friend TS, which had included a trip to the Olive Garden for an early dinner, I returned home to find an irritated spouse, who was none too pleased by the fact I'd walked out the door with T and never once invited him or the kids.  T and I shared a secret past, which I'd never told him (and that story will be told in two more months), so didn't feel I would be able to speak freely in front of my spouse and kids.  T was also married, and I'd met his wife, so knew their history.  We'd spent three hours reminiscing, talking about what had happened in the six years since we'd last seen each other, and sharing marital woes.

When I arrived home, the apartment was seven-thirty at night!  D had put both kids to bed early and had locked me out.  He let me in....and we proceeded to argue for the next three hours.  I even went so far as to tell him that come morning, I'd take the kids to my mom's and we'd end this issue.  He looked startled, then told me we'd talk about it in the morning.

I was furious; I'd had a wonderful time, and now he'd ripped  away the good feelings and replaced them with anger.  Instead of going to bed, I was hit with a bout of insomnia and spent the evening in front of the computer, working on either #3 or 4 of the Arbor U series.

Tensions remained tight between us the rest of the month, and by Super Bowl Sunday, we weren't even speaking to each other.  My mother had been awarded guardianship over my great-grandmother, who enlisted my help in looking for an assisted-living facility for her.  This gave me a much-needed break from the daily arguments with my spouse.

Next Month:
Cleaning out Grandma's house and a disastrous Valentine's Day.

Present Day:
Don't know if we're supposed to get more snow or if the system missed us:)  Today, I'm doing laundry and giving the youngling his History test over the first seven presidents.

IF I am able to go to karaoke tomorrow, the following songs will be sung:
Jar of Hearts-Christina Perri
Juke Box Hero-Foreigner
Just Between You and Me-Lou Graham
Bad Romance-Lady Gaga

Have a great weekend and stay warm!

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