Friday, January 8, 2016

Flashback Friday: Fun In The Snow??

Jan 1976:
I think this was the month we spent sledding down my friend K's driveway or yard whenever possible.  I do remember being on a sled, the steering mechanism freezing up, and going head first into the tree beside her driveway.  I wasn't hurt; just shook up, since I'd dug my toes into the snow/slush to slow myself down.

Present Day:
Youngling and I are headed home tomorrow....we've enjoyed the slower pace of being in Lafayette and sleeping in (with the exception of this week....back to 9am classes!), staying home, watching Netflix, reading, and helping out Mom.  I've also looked at a couple houses, and will see if any are a good 'fit', once I show the spouse the pics.

Mom's wireless is acting up, so can't watch Netflix or even access the wifi with my kindle.  VERY frustrating!

I've also gotten together with friends; gone to karaoke; and taken the Youngling shopping.

IF I get to karaoke tomorrow, I'll sing the following songs:
If You Asked Me To (I'd forgotten my camera after Christmas)
He's So Shy
I'm So Excited
After All

Have a wonderful weekend!

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