Friday, January 15, 2016

Flashback Friday: Heartache and New Distraction

Jan 1986:
Story Recap:  I'd become close friends with BWG and looked forward to spending more time with him.  Despite a few uncertain months of getting to know him, I thought things had smoothed out in December, and looked forward to seeing him again when I returned from Christmas Break.

I returned from Break, excited to share my first-time winter Florida experience and ready to tackle my new semester of classes.  There was just one problem: BWG was nowhere to be found.  He'd moved out of his cousin's house, and no one would tell me where or why.  I began classes with the knowledge my hopes were again shattered and I was facing Tuesday night dances again partnerless.

The bright spot was having my roommates, EY and BJG in one of my classes:)  We quizzed each other and kept each other on track, but I was disappointed:  Due to the size of our class, Mr. D said he would only be handing out multiple choice and T/F tests instead of his usual essay ones.  I always did better on the essay tests, having made 'As' in all the classes I took under him (and usually w/o having to read the chapters!).  Now, I had to read the material and struggled to make a low 'B' on the tests.

Another potential bright spot reared its head later in the month.  BJG's 'boyfriend' sent word he was coming down to see her, and for a week, all we heard from BJG was 'Whew!  Now I can break up with him and get my ring back!'  She'd also apparently talked me up, and he was looking forward to meeting all of us.

When he arrived, I wasn't interested.  Their 'break up' consisted of BJG wanting to see her ring; he handed it to her; she placed it back on her own hand.  We then went to lunch and suddenly he began paying attention to ME.  What sort of guy does that, comes down to see one girl, then takes interest in another, an hour later?  I decided I wasn't going to give him any encouragement, but to see how far he'd take this sudden 'interest'.

After an afternoon of laughing, talking, playing cards, listening to music, and this very warm male paying an awful lot of attention to me, I did something I'm not proud of.  Instead of telling him 'no thanks', I returned to his motel room at the end of the day, knowing full well we were both on the rebound.  I really didn't think anything would come of it, but the next morning agreed it was nice to say I had someone (never mind the fact I'd received another letter from S that he still loved me!).

Still, I continued my downward spiral of making wrong choices.

Jan 29, 1986, we were all sitting around watching an exciting half hour of Loving, and the killer was just about to be revealed when all of a sudden, with two minutes left, the network flipped a switch.

"We interrupt this show to bring you an ABC Special Report..."

Space shuttle Challenger, which carried the 1st teacher in space, Christa McCaulliffe, had exploded within seconds of take off.

Our first reaction was typical.  Couldn't they have waited TWO MORE MINUTES to tell us the news???

Then as we settled down and realized the impact, we skipped our afternoon classes, ordered either pizza or sandwiches from Italian Village, and spent the rest of the day watching the news coverage of the accident.

Present Day:
The weather's been cold, but began warming up on Wednesday and yesterday.  Today, though, the temps are supposed to head back down, and rain/snow coming back in this weekend.

IF I go to karaoke tomorrow night, and brave the 20 degrees, I'll do the following:
Jacob's Ladder
Jar of Hearts
Jesus Take The Wheel

Stay warm this weekend!

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