Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016!!

2015 Goals:  Did I accomplish any of them?
         -Finish writing/write NiKo's Choice and untitled Salie's story and publish both  check:)
         -For NaNo, either write Renei's story or get back to work on AU #8 or 9 Not even close.
         -Lose 10 more pounds  I did manage to shed 8 pounds, but put them back on again.  Sigh...
         -Get out of this house  Nope; still in it.
         -Attend ONE conference YES!
         -Promote more Definitely:)
         -Step up the blogging  Started strong, but dwindled back to only 4 per month...
         -Reach the mid-to-end of the 'I' songs  Check:)

This Year, I Resolve To:
-Finish writing Heart Song
-Publish KiRah and write RiKar's book
-Get my youngling through the 5th grade
-Lose and keep off 10 pounds
-Buy a banner and more promo
-Attend as many signings as I can, including Writers on the River (July) and Book Blast (September)
-Attend Weekend in Nashville, including some sight-seeing
-Get out of this house
-Reach the 'M' songs and maybe even more
-Stay with the blogging

Books Read Last Year:
                         Print:  29
                         E-Book: 36
                          DNF:  10

Karaoke Songs Added to 'Good' List:  56

January Reading Schedule:
The Queen Mother-Lady Colin Campbell Very good!

The Pleasure of Discretion, #1 and 2-Elle Thorne  DNF:  Just wasn't holding my attention.
Moving Forward-Emily Pearson  Forced myself to keep reading, even though I skimmed most of the 2nd half.  Might try to reread this again at some point.
French Tart-Sloane Tayler Finally, a book I could read all of!  I'll admit, I forgot to reread the blurb first, so was a bit confused at first, but did enjoy it:)
The Vault-Jettie Necole Very good!  Slightly confusing at the beginning, but kept me scrolling:)  Wonderful 'what if' story, and would like to know who dropped the bomb and were they ever able to venture back to the surface?
Ace of Spades-Michelle Iannarellie  DNF:  Just wasn't holding my interest.
A Time for Everything-Mysti Parker Very good:)
Ember's Center-Jillian Jacobs  Very good:)
Drive Me Sane-Dena Rogers  Good:)
Persuading Tomorrow-J. Laslie Thought it dragged in a few places, but otherwise pretty good:)
The Trinket Box-Katheryn Ragle  Not bad.

Karaoke Songs (Thurs):
Isn't It Time-Babys  Did well!
It's Raining Men-Weather Girls  Amazingly enough, it didn't sound too bad!
YMCA-Village People  Bleh....
Yesterday Once More-Carpenters A little low, but okay:)
You and Me-Alice Cooper  Again, slightly low, but not bad.

Karaoke Songs (Sat):
He's So Shy-Pointer Sisters Nailed it:)
If You Asked Me To-Celine Dion  2nd time singing this, and STILL messed up in the same place! Ugh.....
I'm So Excited-PS  Very FAST version, but made it through it:)
Jacob's Ladder-Huey Lewis Not bad...
Jar of Hearts-Christina Perri  Think it sounded okay:)
Jesus Take The Wheel-Carrie Underwood Slightly rough in a few places, but not bad for 1st attempt!
Jolene-Dolly Parton Nailed it:)
Juke Box Hero-Foreigner  Bleh...
Bad Romance-Lady Gaga  Not too bad:)

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