Monday, February 1, 2016

February Reading Schedule

February Goals:
-Write Heart Song
-Pay for Writer's On The River  Check:)
-Buy Inventory  Some.....
-Find a publisher for KiRah
-Attend E'ville authors meeting  Cancelled, due to Tammy's family emergency

I was able to set up at the Women's Expo in Indianapolis this past weekend, and I don't know if they had recently started it back up or switched organizers, but was disappointed in the turnout.  I heard from others say it had not been advertised; things were disorganized as far as parking, vendor placement, etc; not to mention the fact we were competing with the Home Show.  I was able to sell two books, plus I had many people take samples of my work or at least my card.  I was even thrilled to meet a reader, who was unaware of my other books:)

Hopefully next year's event will be better organized.

Books Read:  8
Print:  1
E-book:  8
DNF:  2

Reading Schedule:
Cell-Robin Cook  Very good, even though I figured out the plot on pg 112!  Ending was weird...

Seasons of Darkness-Belinda Buchanan  Enjoyed this! Looking forward to #2:)
After All Is Said and Done-BB  Hard book to read, but very good:)
Going Solo-Tara Mills  Excellent!  DRR!
Taken By the T-Rex-Christie Sims  Very weird....see 'review' on GR....
A Chimerical World-BC Brown, et al  Some stories very good!  RR
Brody:  The Montana McKennas #2  DRR!  Loved this book!!!!
Love Is Deep-Kathleen Ball  Wonderful story!!  DRR!
The Coriola Saga-Melinda Rossi  DNF  This book 'wandered' too much for me.
Pete Sebastian, Coach-Jean Joachim  DRR!  Loved, loved, LOVED this!

Karaoke Songs (Thurs):
Back on My Feet Again-Babys  DNH
Every Time I Think of You-Babys  DNH
Hungry Eyes-Eric Carmen  Good:)
Baby Baby-Amy Grant  Not bad....a little flat in places.
You Are My Sunshine-Elizabeth Mitchell  DNH
You Belong To The City-Glenn Frey  Not bad....
You Belong With Me-Taylor Swift  Not bad....
You Can't Hurry Love-Supremes  Not bad....
You Don't Bring Me Flowers-Neil Diamond/Barbra Streisand  Good, though at times I butchered Neil Diamond's duet partner.
You Don't Own Me-Lesley Gore  Not bad....
You Dropped A Bomb On Me-Gap Band  Bleh.
You Give Love A Bad Name-Bon Jovi  Nailed it!  Someone yelled, "Molly ROCKS!" when  I was finished:)

Karaoke Songs (Sat):
After All-Cher/Peter Cetera
Just Give Me A Reason-Pink  Think it sounded okay:)
Just Like A Pill-Pink  Not too bad:)
Just Like Jesse James-Cher  Always good:)
Just One Look-Linda Ronstadt  Not bad!
Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me-Faith Hill  Definite keeper; was cheered!
Just When You Needed Me Most-Randy Vanwarmer  Another keeper:)
Karma Chameleon-Culture Club  Surprisingly enough, it wasn't too bad!
Keep On Loving You-REO Speedwagon  Crowd pleaser!  And people even danced!
Kerosene-Miranda Lambert  Was hi-fived and told to keep it:) 
Key Largo-Bertie Higgins  Nailed it:)
Bartender-Lady Antebellum  Did well!
The Kid Is Hot Tonight-Loverboy  A little rough in places, and my camera batteries died halfway through.  Will sing this again in a few weeks.

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