Friday, February 12, 2016

Flashback Friday: One of My Better Valentine's Days!

Feb 1986:
Brief Recap:  After BG disappeared and no one telling me where he'd gone or why, my spirits were lifted when roomie BJG's boyfriend came to see her, and she not only broke up with him, but encouraged him to pursue me.  While I wasn't thrilled at the prospect of being 2nd choice, I nevertheless didn't discourage him either, and agreed to give it a try....

JD is lucky I continued our 'relationship'.  Anyone who's been around me very long knows I don't like practical jokes.  The morning after our first two days together was nearly our last.

It began with a phone call.

Is this Molly?  Mr.(JD) was in an accident and your name was found in his wallet as 'next of kin'.  How soon can you be up here to identify his body?  (Or something to that effect!)

I was not amused.  1) The phone call had woken me out of a sound sleep and 2) I had the presence of mind to realize I would NOT be his 'next of kin' after only 48 hours!  I excused myself, called out to BJG, who'd handed me the phone, and handed it to her, telling her to hang it up.

Instead, she spoke to the person on the other end, and then revealed to me who it was.  I took the receiver again, and told him in no uncertain terms he was damn lucky I had not climbed out of bed and slammed the receiver in his ear!  He apologized.....and two weeks later, sent me a beautiful red rose, the first one I'd ever received from the opposite sex.

Valentine's Dance By Proxy
Campus held a Valentine's Day dance, and since JD couldn't get the time off from work, he agreed for me to go  with a trusted friend.  BJG had begun seing EY's brother, so the four of us went and had a good time.  My proxy-date was Steve "Guido" LeCoque, and he showed up with a beautiful, long-stemmed red rose:)  How sweet!  Two roses in one day!

The following week, I went home for the weekend, and JD came up to spend the day with me.  We drove back to his house and went roller skating.  His mom had made chili for dinner, and even though she'd toned it way down (seriously, everyone but me was dumping hot sauce into their bowls!), it was still too spicy for my wimpy taste buds.

Next Month:  Spring Break!

Present Day:
We're trying to stay warm.  The temps have dipped into the teens this week, a long with about an inch of snow that finally melted yesterday.

What does V-Day hold for me this year?  I'm cantoring at church, and the spouse says he's got something up his sleeve.  I would just like a small shopping spree at Kohl's, for a necklace and some lady things.  Maybe he'll go to karaoke with me again?  I also need to make an appointment to get our taxes done.

Karaoke Songs:
Last Night:
You Belong With Me-Taylor Swift  I thought it was passable; Brower and one other person seemed to like it, so a keeper:)
You Can't Hurry Love-Supremes  Messed it up in a few spots, but over all thought it was okay.  Probably never sing it again though!

Just Like A Pill-Pink  Wasn't too bad!
Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me-Faith Hill  A keeper; I was cheered! 
Silver Springs-Stevie Nicks  Did well:)
Just When I Needed You Most-Randy Vanwarmer  Definite keeper!
Just Like Jesse James-Cher (Back up)  Always good:)

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