Friday, February 26, 2016

Flashback Friday: Quiet V-Day

February 2006:
D received an unexpected phone call:  Would he be willing to go to Ft. Wayne and help build a center wall for the highway?  With money being tight, and our tax refund not back yet, he jumped at the chance to return to work.  Since he didn't know how long he'd be gone, we mapped out a plan for keeping track of expenses.  He packed his bag, kissed the kids goodbye, and took off.

The kids and I spent a solitary Valentine's Day.  I made them a special meal, and had gotten them each their own candy.  Being alone with five kids wasn't easy, but we resumed our routine, and for the most part, it wasn't too bad.

Next Month:  Youngling's 2nd Birthday!

Present Day:
My good friend RM's daughter lost her battle with an undisclosed medical issue, and her Celebration of Life is tomorrow.  I never knew K; she'd moved to Texas the year before I met her mom.  Our choir is singing at the Mass, then heading over to the Parish Center for lunch.

I did manage to compose a poem:

             Kathryn's Song

Oh beautiful daughter, our bright shooting star
Comfort your family wherever you are.
Your parents, your brother, little Ollie your son,
Those who knew you the best, all grieve that you're gone.
(Now you're gone??)

You've touched people's lives with your various gifts
Tormented in secret you did your best to uplift
Sewing costumes and clothing, fine linens and things
You've left quite a legacy for others to sing

Of your talents and beauty, your personal charm
Your love and your wit, no one wished you harm.
So fly high our dear angel to your heavenly Father
No longer in pain, you were never a bother.

Some of the wording will be changed; RM is reworking it to her liking:)

Karaoke Songs:

(Last Night):
You Give Love A Bad Name  Nailed it!!!  Someone even yelled, "You ROCK!"
Miracle  Due to the large crowd, was only able to sing two songs, so chose this one as my last.  Was told it was good; I couldn't hear myself.

Bartender (Lady Antebellum)  Did well!
Key  Largo (Bertie Higgins)  Nailed it:)
The Kid is Hot Tonight (Loverboy)  Little rough, and camera batteries quit.  Will resing in a couple weeks!

Have a great weekend!  I'll be back early next week with the March schedule:)

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