Friday, February 5, 2016

Flashback Friday: 'Love 4th Grade-Style'

Feb 1976:
My Valentine's Day in the 4th grade was different from years past.  After the Valentines had been passed out, in which my 'boyfriend', AF, had given me a beautiful handmade Valentine made of tissue paper and a shoe box lid (and believe it or not, I still have it!), we played a game.  All the boys lined up at the blackboard with their faces away from us.  The girls, meanwhile, each had an empty seat next to our desks.  Two of the boys were designated to pick out two girls, who whispered the names of their chosen boys into their ears.  All boys then turned around, and the two 'messengers' would take turns calling out the names of the two chosen, who would then go sit by the girl he thought had picked him.

I wasn't expecting to be questioned, so when KH came over, my mind locked up.  I couldn't even think of a boy's name, so I blurted out the first name which came to mind, someone I couldn't stand!  Fortunately, he did not choose me, so for the next round, BH came over and I told him AF.  A was too shy to sit by me, but EM's choice was correct.  I think we only played two rounds before the food arrived.  We were told to line up girl/boy, and AF came over and told me he hadn't want to let the entire class know of us yet.  I whispered back I was relieved, and we had a good feast.

Walking on stilts during recess was popular, and there was only a limited amount available.  Since we were now at the other end of the school, our playground was the baseball field and the parking lot.  I must have voiced my desire to have stilts, because soon my dad made me a pair.  I took them to school and for a while, enjoyed my new-found 'popularity'.

Later that month, the Winter Olympics were televised, and my sister and I were soon fascinated with Dorothy Hamill's ice skating.  My sister even soon got her hair cut like Dorothy, who went on to win the gold medal.

Mom was also ordained as a deacon in our church:)

Next Month:  Easter!

Present Day:
Today I'm doing laundry.  I'm also hooked on That 70s Show on Netflix.  I know; I know....I SHOULD be writing.

Tomorrow's Karaoke Songs:
Just One Look-Linda Ronstadt
Just Give Me A Reason-Pink
Just Like A Pill-Pink
Just Like Jesse James-Cher
Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me-Faith Hill
Just When I Needed You Most-Randy Vanwarmer (Back up song)

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