Friday, June 10, 2016

Flashback Friday: A Memorable Vacation!

June 1986:
With my AF officer overseas and spring semester over, I began to 'finally' concentrate on my relationship with JD.  Only, I'd waited too long.  I had guarded my heart, since I was positive all BJG had to do was snap her fingers and he'd drop me like a hot potato.  When that didn't happen, I started opening up a little more.

Big Mistake.

I also need to back up a bit:  In May, BG had finally contacted me, but our 'reunion' had been a disaster, esp since I was meeting him at his girlfriend's house, and I was terrified of her coming home early from work and catching us. I went to see him two days later and told him I could no longer see him, except as a friend.  He agreed, and told me he'd see me over the summer, since I'd told him I'd be attending summer school.

Anyway, roomies BJG and EY were looking forward to working at the MDA camp up in Monticello, along with JD, and invited me up for the dance.  But they told me the wrong night, and when I arrived, suddenly the tension in the air was so thick, I wondered what was going on.  JD was nowhere to be found, and my roomies were very guarded in conversation.  When JD DID materialize, he didn't greet me affectionately, then he took me for a walk.

He confessed to developing feelings for another counselor, which I reassured him I was fully appreciative of the 'band camp romance', which normally doesn't last past two weeks.  I told him I wasn't upset; but to keep me informed.

I spent another hour chatting with my friends and meeting their campers, then I left and drowned my sorrows in a large chocolate DQ sundae.

Mom was at band camp that week, and my sister was out with friends, so I curled up next to my dad, who was watching TV, and told him the news.  Dad passed me his bag of chips and we watched TV together in comfortable silence.

The following week, I left for Florida, and since I still didn't know where I stood with JD, I didn't refuse a man I met one night at The Point, my favorite place to sit and write at twilight.  He asked me out, plus began joining me in the pool every afternoon.  Grandma knew his parents, and approved of my going out with him.  He was 40 to my 20, but we had a great time that  week!  He took me to nice restaurants, bought me a pina colada at an outside bar, and we walked the beach.  We also saw 3 or 4 movies during that two-week period.  During Karate Kid 2, I decided I was  ready to take the next step, and I confess I don't really remember much of that movie; I was anticipating our walk on the beach, and going back to 'our' catamaran, where we'd had some pretty good make-out sessions!

Our final date, I took my camera along, and got pictures of the two of us.  He offered to  take me to the airport for my flight back, but Grandma said no.  RR and I exchanged mailing addresses and agreed to keep in touch.

I was thrilled;my 1st official summer fling!

Next Month:  Summer School!

Present Day:
I have a busy weekend ahead!  Tomorrow I'll be at Heaps of Jeeps festival, then on Sunday, go to the Legion Garden Party in Washington:)

Tomorrow's Karaoke Songs:
Land of Confusion  (hoping to get the full song this time!)  Nailed it:)
Last Kiss Slightly low, but still sounded good!
Last Name  DNH....adding this to Thurs...
Last Dance  Didn't think it sounded TOO awful!  I did receive a compliment:)

Have a great weekend!

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