Friday, June 24, 2016

Flashback Friday: House Hunting

June 2006:
I began scouring the Sunday paper for rentals in our area, but  wasn't finding anything in our price range.  K was busy with BSA activities, and was elected Senior Patrol Leader.

Mom H called us on a regular basis, wanting to  talk about shows she'd seen on TV, forgetting we didn't have cable.  D's aunt also began calling us at least once a month, to complain about the fact we weren't coming down often enough to check on her.

J and I set up at the Hazelwood Fish Fry, and I did manage to sell a few books. I don't think she was very successful in gaining anyone's interest in the PrePaid Legal though.

Next Month: Possible lead on a house???

Present Day:
I've been busy helping out with VBS snacks every morning this week:)  Tomorrow is Billie's Disney-themed Karaoke Birthday Party, which we are sharing in spirit:)  I'm going as Elsa, and yes, I plan to sing Let It Go:)

Sunday, I'll be setting up at the Corning Irish Festival.

Other Songs:
Leader of the Pack
Lean On Me
Learn To Fly
Leather and Lace

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