Friday, June 17, 2016

Flashback Friday: Witnessing A Mistake

June 1996:
My upstairs friend and neighbor was getting married.

One day she came downstairs and asked me how to get out of it.  I told her there were three ways: 1) Leave him at the alter; 2) Pick a fight and throw the ring at him in the middle of it; or 3) Be honest and simply call it off.

"But Mom and Dad have shelled out sooo much money, and put down non-refundable deposits....I'd feel guilty."

"They want you to be happy!  I don't think they'd object.  It would cost more for marriage counseling or divorce in the long run."  I tried to get her to see it my way.

"But we'll have beautiful children..."  (Brilliant reason to get married, right?  Snort!)

In the end, she chickened out and went through with it.  My spouse refused to attend, so I went alone.  I had a funny moment; I spotted one of her friends wearing the exact same dress and accessories as I was!

I decided to deal with it asap, and went over to her to introduce myself, since we had met on a couple of occasions.  She was rather snotty, though.

"Yes, yes, we're wearing the same dress."

"I just wanted to congratulate you on your obvious good taste in clothing."  I walked off.

At the reception, she made sure to stay on the opposite side of the room from me (eye roll).  I left after the cake cutting and went home to bathe my kids and put them to bed, then to return to the party.  I found the bride having a drunken meltdown.

"What the hell have I done?  I've ruined my life!  I don't want to be married to HIM!  Why didn't anyone SAY anything?"

She was surrounded by friends, who made sure the groom wasn't around to hear her tears, and they did manage to sober her up.

The DJ noticed I was alone, and came down to dance with me, even propositioning me a few times!  But I refused.  Donna Summer's 'Last Dance' was the final one, and I danced with the bride's very good looking brother!  Then it  was home again, where I had to listen to my grumpy spouse gripe about why I chose to attend the disaster of a wedding, and why I felt the need to leave him alone with the kids.

I tried not to let his mood sour my good time.

The kids and I spent a lot of time at the pool, and we looked forward to the soon-opening of the downtown Circle Center Mall.

Next Month:  My 2 y/o daughter is a flirt....

Present Day:
The weather's been up in the 90s, but dropped back to 86 today.  Not sure if we're going to attend the family reunion tomorrow or not.

Karaoke songs:
Lay It On The Line
Lay Your Hands On Me
Le Freak
Lead Me On

Have a great weekend!

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