Friday, August 26, 2016

Flashback Friday: Back To School Again!

August 2006:
The hunt was still on for a new home, and we were getting all sorts of advice from friends and realtors, and even a lawyer, but so far, nothing was coming together.  We received the alarming news D's mother had adopted a dog, and two weeks later, she'd tripped while walking it, causing multiple bruises on her arms and face.  Thankfully, neighbors and other family intervened and took the dog away from her, giving it to another family who could better care for it.  Mom already had four cats in the house.

K began his freshman year, while S was in 6th.  She was still playing Alto Sax in band, but K had given up on the baritone.

Next Month:  My Daughter Writes Her 2nd Book:)

Present Day:
We officially made it into Phase #6-C of Secret Project #2 and Phase #E on SP #1:)

The Tween's BTS night went VERY well, plus I had a meeting with his teachers yesterday morning and we updated his 504 plan.  Looks likes we need to put him back on his ADD meds; he's still having trouble focusing and staying on task.  When he was home, I could constantly remind him, but when a teacher has 20+ others in the class, it's not fair to insist s/he do the same.  So I'll be calling his doctor next week.  Football-wise, his coach is happy with him, and I'm thrilled he's making friends and is being accepted by the others.

Wrote 800 words on my ghost story yesterday, so hope to continue today, and get closer to finishing it:)

Tomorrow's Karaoke Songs:
Listen To Your Heart-Roxette
Little Lies-Fleetwood Mac
Little Red Corvette-Prince
Little Toy Guns-Carrie Underwood (Not sure if I'll do this one or not; still working on it.)
Little White Church-Little Big Town

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