Monday, August 1, 2016

August Reading Schedule

I had such high hopes for July, but they didn't pan out:
-Work on Heart Song and Ghost Story  I DID work on them....just not much...
-Do well at tonight's First Friday Art Walk  Sold one and got to see friends:)
-Do well at Peoria/Writers On The River  Sold 4....I can now finish paying for KABB!
-Send Kira off to editor along  with 1st payment  Nope
-Send Kira's cover off to artist along with 1st payment  Nope
-Make 2nd payment to B  Not yet
-Finish paying for KABB Did make another payment, so maybe after Watermelon Fest, I'll pay the rest?
-Pay for Watermelon Fest  Check:)
-Pay for OA  Not yet...
-Make 1st payment to Imaginarium  Not yet...
-Enroll Tween in football  Check:)  Camp is July 25-29:)
-Finish de-cluttering basement and storage  Not yet...
-Finish 2 secret projects  I'm 90% finished with SP#1, and we should find out about SP#2 soon!

Books Read:  5
            Print:  2
            E-Book:  3 (rereads)

How's The Health?
In the last month, I've had labs drawn; mammogram; eyes checked; pulmonary lung function; and had my thyroid meds upped.  Still trying to lose weight.

August Goals:
-Do well at Watermelon Fest  Sold 2, and 4 samples of new coloring book:)
-Finish paying for KABB
-Start paying for Imaginarium
-Pay B
-Pay for OA
-Make payments to both editor and cover artist
-Finish Ghost Story
-Finish paying for Christmas Toy and Hobby Show
-Make progress on Heart Song
-Progress to Stage #7 on Secret Project #2
-Complete Phases C and D of Secret Project #1

Reading Schedule:
Falling For The Rancher Father-Linda Ford  Enjoyable...
I'll Be Home For Christmas- Lenora Worth  Enjoyable
A Match For Abby-Emma Miller Enjoyable 
Small Town Fireman-Allie Pleiter  Very good:)
Daddy Wanted- Renee Andrews  Loved this!Big Sky Cowboy- Linda Ford  Slightly tedious to read, but overall, good story line.
Sometimes God Has A Kid's Face- Sr Mary Rose McGeady  Stories will break your heart.  Many of the kids are from abusive homes.
Slow Hand- Victoria Vane
Tattered Loyalties-Carrie Ann Ryan  Really enjoyed this and want to read more!!!  RR
Cry Sanctuary-Moira Rogers  Really enjoyed this one also!
Wild Irish Heart-Tricia O'Malley
Forbidden Hunger-Teresa Gabelman

Karaoke Songs:
Waking Up in Vegas-Katy Perry Timing was slightly off, but over all, think it went well.
Eternal Flame-Bangles  Yikes....can't believe I flubbed the 4th line.  I can sing this in my SLEEP!
Walk Like An Egyptian-Bangals Flubbed a few words, but otherwise good:)
Everybody Hurts-REM  Not too bad.
Walk Away-Kelly Clarkson  Nailed it:)
Express Yourself-Madonna Not too bad:)
Walk the Dinasaur-Was not Was  Did well, and can't believe after 27 years, I finally realize what this song's actually about, lol!
Walk Like A Man-Frankie Valli and 4 Seasons  Did surprisingly well on this one!
Fight Song-Rachel Platten  Attempt #1: Think I blew the 2nd verse, and video seems screechy; will try this an octave lower next time.

Like A Surgeon-Weird Al  Did well:)
Like a Virgin-Madonna Nailed it:)
Like A Prayer-Madonna  Rocked the bar!
Life's Been Good-Joe Walsh  Nailed it!
Like The Way I Do-Melissa Etheridge  Wasn't too bad:)
Lightening Crashes-Live Nailed it:)
Linger-Cranberries  Ugh.....why did I think I could sing this?
Lips of an Angel-Hinder  Had the entire bar singing with me:)
Listen To Your Heart-Roxette  Nailed it:)
Little Lies-Fleetwood Mac Did well:)
Little Red Corvette-Prince  Ugh....too low and I discovered I've been singing some of the lyrics wrong for over 30 years....
Little White Church-Little Big Town  Blew a line in the 1st verse, but otherwise, nailed it!

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