Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday Flashback: Relationship Highs and Lows

Aug 1986:
Brief Recap:  I was in summer school, and had temporarily suspended my relationship with JD, since he cheated on me. I began a FWB relationship with euchre partner TH, plus began working at Market Street Station.

EY took a phone message for me:
JF wants you to call him tonight after he gets off work at 5.

I took this to mean he was going to leave work at 5, so I decided to go ahead and eat dinner with EY, TH, and other friends, thus giving JF time to chill out after a full days' work.  When EY left for her shift at MSS, I called the phone number.

Turned out there'd been a slight communication error.  JF had gotten off work at 4:30, and had planned to take me out to eat.  Since I'd already eaten, and he had just given up on having his call returned, he asked me out for the weekend.

"I hate to tell you this, but if you want to take me out, it will either have to be tonight or wait until Sunday, since I work tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday."  

"Why don't we do this:  I'll finish up things here, then come get you in about an hour and we'll go to Dairy Queen?"

When he arrived, I was still curious over what he looked like, since he thought he knew me, but it turned out he had been thinking of someone else!  I asked him to face the wall, then look to his left, through the window.  I stepped out into the hall and waved, then asked, "Have you ever seen me before?"

He laughed and said no, but was I still coming out?

"Let me grab my keys..."

We had a lovely time, and became closer over the course of the month.

But What About JD?
Our final day of summer school, as EY and I were packing to leave, JD called and invited me to meet him at the MDA picnic.  Confident that meant he'd chosen me, I drove up (Dad had loaned me the car the previous weekend) to meet him.

The first red flag was when he barely acknowledged my presence.  The 2nd red flag was when I took a seat across the table from him and he wouldn't look me in the eye. The full truth hit me when Andrea, the girl he'd had his fling with, dropped the keys to his truck (the one he swore he'd NEVER let anyone but HIM drive!) in front of him, grabbed the seat next to him, and sighed, "People see me with your truck and think we're married."

JD turned red, but said nothing.  Andrea introduced herself to me.

I was civil, but after JD finished eating, I asked if he'd care to take a walk.

Once we were outside, JD started talking, but I interrupted him.  "You don't have to say a word.  It's pretty clear who you've chosen."  I stalked off toward my car, then drove to KC's home to vent.

During the week between summer school and the beginning of the new semester, I school-shopped and prepared for my final semester.

My AF officer had also contacted me to let me know he was coming home in September, so I looked forward to his next visit:)

Next Month:  School begins again!

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